October 1, 2009

Henry excited for challenge of Decker

MADISON, Wis. - As if the Wisconsin secondary has not been tested enough this season after going against Fresno State and Michigan State's receivers. Now, they get Eric Decker from Minnesota.

Before the match up, BadgerBlitz.com caught up with Aaron Henry. The following is a question and answer with the most experienced cornerback on the Badger roster.

You guys go against Fresno State. You guys go against those guys from Michigan State. Now you get Eric Decker. It just never ends.

Henry: Right, it never ends. He's definitely going to be a real good challenge. A lot of people are talking about he's the best player in the country and this and that and that and this. None of that matters when we're on that field and we're playing against him.

You can throw, this game, you can throw all the statistics, all the accolades out the window. They're going to come with their 'A' game and we're definitely going to bring ours.

What do you see on film. From what I've seen, he's real physical and fights for every ball in the air. Is that what you have kind of seen too?

Henry: Yeah, as far as the point on the attack of the ball being in the air, he's great at it. He definitely attacks the ball and catches it with his hands. He's a physical wide receiver.

What more can you ask for as a DB as far as a challenge? We know what he's capable of, but I don't think nobody realizes what we're capable of on the back end.

I think we're going to stroll in there with our mouths shut and just play our game. It's all about playing our game. A couple of years ago I think we got out of playing our game when Jack Ikegwuonu was playing and he took a shot to the groin area or what not. Jack kind of got out of his game. We definitely are going to play our game.

Do you guys talk about that? That little, I don't know, cheap shot or whatever it is?

Henry: Yeah and no. We definitely mention it, but that's not really something we've been dwelling on. I mean, we just say watch out and be alert of it if we end up jumping up on them. It's football. When you're competing, sometimes, somebody is going to get heated. That's just the reality of it.

Does that happen more than people think? Maybe just weird jabs and things like that?

Henry: Of course it happens more than people think. It's a contact sport, it's football. A lot of times it's not on camera, but it definitely happens more than people think.

You guys shut down Blair White to one catch for eight yards last week. Is that the type of performance that gives you guys confidence going against a guy like Decker?

Henry: It always gives us confidence. The crazy thing is, nobody really gave our secondary a chance and they still don't. It is what it is. We're playing on behalf of us and our coaches and our teammates. So, none of that other stuff outside of here really matters despite what people think. We're just going to go out there and execute.

Whether it's Eric Decker or one of their other receivers. We know he's their premier guy. But we don't want any of the other guys to go off. We're just going to try to contain their passing game in general. That's going to be Decker, that's going to be Troy Stoudamire. That's definitely going out there and playing our style of football.

Do you guys like going under the radar?

Henry: We love it. We love it, love being under the radar, love being under the radar.

It's the polls too. You guys aren't getting much love in the polls.

Henry: At the end of the year, if we continue to win, everything else will fall into place. So, we're not worried about rankings and statistics, none of that. If we continue to win and beat people, I don't care if it's by 100 points or one point, if we continue to beat people, everything else will fall into place.

Coming in here tonight, I hear the music blaring out there in Camp Randall. What do you guys expect going up there. With their new stadium, what do you expect the environment to be like?

Henry: It's going to be an intense game. It's going to be a very intense game. It's their new stadium, their first Big Ten game for them at their new stadium, so it's going to be loud and it's going to be crazy.

But, by the end of the day, it's two sidelines and it's 120 yards if you go end zone to end zone. So, the game has to be played there. Anybody can talk outside the lines but the game has to be played on the field.

Do you think that music does a good job simulating what it will actually be like?

Henry: It's going to be way louder than that. It definitely gives our offense a chance to go through our calls while there is noise being played.

You've played in this game and last year you saw it on the sideline, what does the axe mean?

Henry: The axe means so much. The axe is your pride. The axe is literally your pride. The worst feeling in the world is having somebody run over there and take what's yours. You can't do nothing about it. I think that's what the axe is about. We definitely going to stand for something we believe in and we believe in our axe.

You guys haven't lost it under coach Bret Bielema.

Henry: No we haven't and we don't plan on losing it under him. We're just going to go out there and do what we got to do and everything should fall into place.

The following is the audio file from the interview:
Henry, 9/30/09

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