September 30, 2009

Rahim Moore talks about a friend

Friendship transcends athletic rivalries. Even ones that are as intense as UCLA/USC. Many players on the two teams have known each other since Pop Warner and played on the same high school football teams. They are very good friends, some as close as brothers, except for that one day when the two rivals clash on Saturday.

That is especially the case between UCLA sophomore safety Rahim Moore and USC senior running back Stafon Johnson. The USC running back suffered a freak accident that could have taken his life.

Thankfully, Johnson is on the mend, but there are many Bruin players know and love the talented Trojan running back.

Two Bruins making a big impact on the UCLA program played high school football with Johnson at Los Angeles (Calif.) Dorsey. They are sophomore safety, Rahim Moore and redshirt freshman running back Johnathan Franklin. spoke with both players after yesterday's practice and will have a Q&A with both players.

First up is Moore. I know you are very good friends with Stafon. Can you tell me how you felt when you first heard about his accident?

Moore: "My first reaction was I hopped quickly out of my bed and went to the hospital. When I found out I was in shock because when I found out how the incident went I just knew it was something serious.

"They said is a life threatening thing. They said he was bleeding everywhere. Out of his mouth, his nose and everything so I when I heard about it I reacted fast.

"I couldn't sleep last night (Monday September 28th). That's why I think I had a bad practice today, too, because I have been thinking about him so much.

"This weekend I am going to try and honor him on TV." Tell the folks how close you are to Stafon…

Moore: "We're really close. There's no space between Stafon and I. Stafon is what I do now. He motivated me so much. He's the reason I stopped drinking soda and stopped eating candy and stuff.

"Anytime I needed anything, Stafon would always come through for me. Anytime I needed a ride, he would always pick me up. He would always motivate me and tell me to work hard. He also helped me out with my recruiting process and where I would best fit. He's been an awesome friend to me, man, a brother, everything you can think of Stafon has been to me."

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