September 22, 2009

Shaw ready for UNC

Georgia Tech sophomore quarterback Jaybo Shaw has been suffering watching his team from the sidelines struggle during the Clemson win and the loss to Miami. Shaw broke his collarbone during a fall scrimmage, he is almost back on the field, and he could be cleared for contact any day now. Jackets head coach Paul Johnson says Shaw will be the number two quarterback behind Josh Nesbitt on Saturday.

"Jaybo practiced today and he is still non-contact it will be a game time deal," Johnson said Monday. "We are waiting for the doctors to turn him loose. He is doing everything, but contact."

The staff does not plan on hitting Shaw prior to the game Saturday regardless of when he is cleared for contact by the medical staff.

"He will not get any contact before the game and he will be the backup quarterback Saturday. If he plays that will be his first contact," Johnson said.

Shaw expects to return full speed to practice on Tuesday and he has a lot on his mind after watching the offense struggle through the first three games.

"We watched the whole offense yesterday and the quarterbacks would be on one page and then we would do our job and maybe they would miss a block," Shaw said. "Coach Johnson said it best after practice, we have not played anywhere near our capability of how well we can play. On one play or one block, we miss a play and we go to the wrong place, so we have to put it all together and we have not done it yet."

Shaw says the team may be over thinking the plays.

"I think it might be over thinking or being over anxious," Shaw said. "We are thinking about it too much, but we have to go back to work. I know a lot of the guys are ready to get behind us and just go. We need everyone to settle down and just play. We need to be on the same page communicating better. I do not think leadership is a problem. We just need to play better."

Watching the Miami game at home was difficult for Shaw.

"I had to stay home and I went back home to my family and to be honest I could only watch bits and pieces of the game," he said. "It was killing me and I wanted to be down there so bad. I would be looking at the TV seeing the defense and making the checks. I had been in meetings all week learning the game plan, so it was definitely frustrating and I am just trying to get back out there."

The Jackets have a score to settle with North Carolina and Shaw says that is not a point lost on the team this week during preparations.

"Yesterday was the first time we looked at North Carolina and we said to each other as an offense, we feel like they are the guys that knocked us out of the ACC Championship game and we have a little bit of revenge."

The rehab process began quickly for Shaw and his collarbone and he is almost 100-percent heading into the North Carolina game.

"I started back passing two weeks ago and eased back into it," Shaw said. "My range of motion is back in my shoulder. I am day-to-day now and I am trying my best to get back out there. Hopefully I can be a full go soon."

Shaw expects some nerves when he gets back on the field and starts taking hits on the collarbone.

"Of course, the first time it may be a little weird wondering how will it respond to being hit, but I have done all the treatment I can do," he said. "I feel confident and I am trying to get back out there as a soon as I can."

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