August 26, 2009

Sims works at receiver and quarterback

The Georgia Tech football team has a quite a few options at wide receiver this season with returning starters Demaryius Thomas and Tyler Melton and newcomer Stephen Hill coming on, redshirt freshman Quentin Sims is hoping to make his way into the rotation. Sims has been working as the emergency third string quarterback and Jacketsonline caught up with Sims to see how the competition is stacking up at receiver and how quarterback is working out.

How did playing quarterback come up?

"Coach Johnson asked me because they wanted to have a guy as an emergency guy. I had told Coach prior to that, that I had run a similar offense in high school and they just came and asked me to take a shot at it. I am taking reps just in case.

Are you still getting reps at wide receiver?

"Yes, I am and the quarterback thing is really only an emergency type case thing."

You are playing quarterback, so they don't burn David Sims redshirt year?

"They don't want to use him for a few snaps and I think that was the main motivation behind moving me."

How comfortable are you running the offense at quarterback?

"It has been a week and a day and I am really comfortable with it. In high school, we ran a similar offense with the triple option, so I need a lot of the stuff, but now I am learning a lot of the checks they do. It is a little bit faster now."

Do you think playing quarterback some in this offense will make you a better receiver?

"It is helping a lot. As a quarterback you have to know everybody on the field. As a wide receiver you only know who you block and your routes, so I understand the offense a lot better now."

How are things going at wide receiver?

"The competition at receiver is really competitive. We have two returning starters and a couple of really good players. I am just happy that I am out there rotating with them, knowing what I am doing and trying to make good plays when I get the chance."

What is your comfort level in the offense as a receiver?

"I feel really comfortable now and a lot more comfortable than I did coming into the spring and I now I feel very comfortable."

Do you think that you will be a major part of the receiver rotation this year?

"I always expect that, so I hope I will be able to contribute to the offense."

Did you work on anything specific to get ready for the season?

"I really just worked on my mental toughness a lot and my physicality. I worked on being able to block better and I studied the playbook, so I can be in the right spot at the right time."

How much do you weigh right now?

"I am at around 200 pounds right now. I will play at that weight this year and hopefully in two or three years I will be around 215. Before camp I am usually at or around 190 to 200."

Do the receivers have specific roles or spots on the field?

"We use just two and we rotate during practice. We do not have specific sides right now, but maybe later on during the season coach will get more into that. Right now, we are all learning everything."

What do you think your best skill is as a receiver?

"I think my best skill is finding the ball in the air. I think I can make plays on the ball is something I am really good at."

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