June 26, 2009

SpartanMag.com: Recruiting Q&A

Has their ever been a year when a Big Ten team signed all in-state recruits?

Great question, not in recent memory and I doubt it has happened in a state like Michigan where two BCs teams have to split the talent.

The only team that could concevably do that and still have a great class would be the Buckeyes. Any other Big Ten team that did that would likely be in big trouble.

Some non Big Ten teams that could do that would be Texas and LSU. Those states ha ve more tha enough talent.

Some Second teams have probably come close as I hate to say thisn but some southern kids seem to have more in-state pride. Coach Dantonio has worked hard to change that mentalituy in Michigan. Ohio kids are very loyal to the Buckeyes.

Back in 2006 8 of the top players in Michan lert the state. That should never happen.

Just for fun. What if MSU only sigbed in-state guys for 2010? Assuming nobody was committed.

  • Note: Number in paratheses is how many MSU will likely take

    QB: Joe Boisture, Robert Bolden or Devin Gardner (1)
    RB: Nick Hill or Austin White (1)
    WR: Jeremy Jackson, Tony Jones or Tony Lippett(2)
    TE: ??? (1)
    OL: Paul Jorgenson
    DE: William Gholston, C.J. Olaniyan and Taylor Calero(3)
    DT: Johnathan Hankins and Carl Davis (1 or 2)
    LB: Max Bullough, Austin Gray, Ishmael Thomas, Matt Zakrzewski (2)
    S: Ernest Thomas Jr. (2)
    CB: Mylan Hicks and Dior Mathis (2)
    ATH:: Daniel Easterly (1 or 2)
    K: Mike Sadler (0)

    Based on MSU's needs this year they could come pretty darn close. The only positions they would come up short are OL and safety.

    Austin Whte could be the wildcard as he can play RB, WR or Safety

    If MSU signs a dozen of the players lsited above they will have the makings of another strong class.

    Does MSU have a chance with NIck Hill of Chelsea or is it a just situation of when UM offers?

    If you look at UM offers list you can see that they have offers out to several smaller running backs.

    The thought process is UM would not take commits from some of them due to wanting some higher level guys. Don't ask me why they would offerd kids they are not willing to take a commitment from.

    They do things differently down in Ann Arbor these days. Future de-commitments are now often predicted almost within hours of a commitment.

    The lack of an offer to Hill would almsot seem like a slap in the face to a local kid who has done nothing but put up incredible numbers and tested well.

    If Hill ends up playing in Green and white you can be sure he will play with an even bigger chip on his shoulder whe the rivals meet.

    The only reason we can see for UM not offering Hill is due to the fact that they have loaded up on smaller palyers the last 18 months and R-od seems to orefer smaller R!'S that could also play the infamous slot WR spot.

    SpartanMag.com has been telling people for quite some time now, don't sell Hill "short". He can be a difference-maker in the Spartan offensive scheme.

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