June 10, 2009

State's top player goes in-depth on recruiting

Life can be hectic for a top recruit and Darius White knows it better than anyone.

The phone calls never stop and as soon as your turn the phone off, there's someone coming around the corner with more questions. What's your top five? Do you have a favorite? Are you camping anywhere?

It never stops, but according to the No. 3 prospect in the Rivals 100, he would not trade it for anything.

"I'm not going to get tired of it," White said. "All the calling and people showing up out of nowhere - that gets hectic, but the recruiting process I'm fine with it because it can be taken from me and be given to another person, so I just look at it like a gift from God."

However, he does not answer his phone very often anymore unless it's a number he knows.

Now that school is out for the summer, camps and unofficial visits are being scheduled and last Sunday White made his way to Austin to participate in the first Texas mini-camp of the summer.

"It was fun. It was interesting. I like it. Everybody was cool. We just went out there and played ball," White said.

White was already familiar with the Texas staff, but it did allow him to get to know several of the Longhorn commitments. Many of the commitments made sure to drop a good word in about joining them on the 40 acres.

"All of the commitments they have they tried to talk me into committing that day," said the Dunbar standout. "It was hectic just like any other time."

As for his performance, there were several glowing reports, but for White it was just another day on the football field.

"I played the same way I played here," he said. "I just went out on the field and it was just me - me and that cornerback. I just went out and played. There's nothing else I can really say about it."

This coming weekend he plans to be in Norman, Okla., with teammates Rashod Favors and Dominique Sanders, and over the course of the summer he hopes to get out to Texas Tech and Oklahoma St. He is also trying to stay ahead of the game by taking a few summer school classes.

When it comes to recruiting there has been plenty of talk and speculation about the schools he might be favoring, but White is not tipping his hand at this point, so much so that five schools currently at the top of his list.

"Top five and it's Oklahoma, Texas, USC, Texas Tech, and I've got to say OSU," White said.. "That's right off the head."

"I really can't speak for Oklahoma St. because I haven't visited there and I really can't speak for USC," he added. "But from what I know about USC, about the coaches, they're going to be there for you. And for the coaches at OSU, they're going to be there for you. And the Oklahoma coaches, they're just good coaches. Their program is good, their academic programs are good - everything is just good about it. And Texas - their coaches are good (and) the academic programs are good. They're all equal to me."

With that being said, White is still keeping his options open and considering all schools on his list. So, does he have a timetable for a future decision?


"Well, I have, but no one will know that but my mother," White said. "I've thought about it a lot. We've been kind of winding a lot of things down."

Another big question that has popped up is whether playing with his teammates (Favors and Sanders) will play a major role in his decision.

"It's a big factor. I would love to play with them," White said. "But, if Rashod goes to Oklahoma, and I go to Florida or something, and Domo goes somewhere else like OSU or something, and we end up playing against each other, we're still going to be cool, but when we're on the field it's two different people.

"It'll be good if we all go to the same school because it's like taking the performance from Dunbar and taking it to another level. I would love for us to play together and then if we don't…we don't."

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