May 1, 2009

Taylor keeps options open

Michael Taylor has a bunch of offers, but he is keeping his options open until his senior season begins at Westlake High School in Atlanta.

Taylor who has 12 offers already on the table is looking at schools on both sides of the Mississippi and given his roots in California any team could end up with the outside linebacker.

"I am going to take some time to make my decision and probably will not make a decision until after the season or during the later part of the season," he said. "After this summer I am going to visit a lot of places and hangout and see how I feel about it."

Where he decides to go depends on many different circumstances, but he has a few criteria already in mind.

"Will I be comfortable where I am and will I have a family feeling," Taylor said. "I want it to feel like a team. I am looking for a great position coach and a great head coach. I also want to be around a great atmosphere and people who love football. I love to play and I want to be treated well while I am there, so I can have a great four years."

Staying close to Georgia or going back to California are options, but that will probably be a non-factor in his final decision.

"I have been away from home for four years since I am originally from California and going another place is not a big deal because I feel like home is where I am right now," he said.

Georgia Tech remains high on his list of potential suitors that also includes Georgia, LSU, Miami and Ole Miss.

"I am interested in Georgia Tech and I have the opportunity visit, but I had a couple of things pop up that kept me from visiting," Taylor said of the Yellow Jackets. "I am going to give them a couple of looks. I am still trying to get to Georgia Tech, but I do not know how the future will affect things. We will see."

One of the things Taylor is weighing during the recruiting process is the ability to play early. He feels like one of the great things about Georgia Tech would be the ability to play as a true freshman.

"I see myself going to Georgia Tech and being able to play right away," he said. "The school provides an opportunity to get a great education and I can stay right here. I would love my family to stay right here and get a chance to play."

There are a few wildcards Taylor is hoping to get offers from as well.

"Florida and USC and Texas are a couple of schools I am interested in," he said. "I am waiting for someone to contact me from there. I have 12 offers and I will probably get a couple more because all the schools I have shown my film to really love it. I bet a few will pull the trigger on me. I have 10-15 schools that have come in and talked to me and got film."
Looking back at his junior season Taylor has a few things he wants to work on before the season begins in August that he believes will help him succeed at the next level.

"I hear people say that I have great instincts and love to hit people, but one of the things I am working on is shedding blocks and keeping the fatties off me," Taylor said. "Sometimes I get double or triple teamed and it is kind of hard when you have 300 pounds coming at you. I have to keep those fatties and I would also like to learn how to perform better in pass coverage. I am working on that and I do fairly well at it."

The good news for any team looking at Taylor is the fact he is a solid student with a solid G.P.A. and S.A.T.

"I am taking care of my job in the classroom and I am not just a football player," he stated. "I am a student-athlete who takes care of his grades and I work to be the best. Whoever gets me will be getting a special player."

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