April 20, 2009

A Change of Pace at Millwood?

For years the Oklahoma City Millwood program has been associated with championships and division one prospects, the latter being even more amazing considering it's a school that has an entire enrollment that falls short of the numbers of many 6A's schools' graduating class. Much has been made of the Falcons 2011 class while star linebacker Trayvon Henry has slipped through the cracks.

Last week Henry's free-fall came to a halt picking up offers from Kansas, Arkansas, and finally on Saturday morning an offer from the in-state Sooners.

"I think people finally recognized me, now I'm finally getting my name out there," Henry said. "I didn't get to talk to Arkansas but I did get to talk to coach [Bill] Miller and head coach [Mark] Mangino from Kansas, they really liked me up there."

While Henry claims no surprise that he has finally become a well known Big 12 region recruit; he says that he has been able to talk to players like Cameron Sanders, Gerald Jones, Tramain Swindall, and any of the number of other Falcons who found their way through football recruiting to get their input on how to handle the pressures of recruiting.

Their suggestions on how to deal with recruiting leads Henry to an interesting timeline for his decision.

"They have, told me it's going to be intense on the recruiting, during your senior year it gets really intense, they forewarned me," he explained. "I've made the decision to wait until National Signing Day to make my decision, I'm just trying to narrow it down a bit going forward now.

"I'm just looking through all the offers that come right now, I'm really trying to narrow it down by the middle of the season this year."

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