December 15, 2008

Homan happy with OSU visit

Coldwater (Ohio) Coldwater high school fullback Adam Homan has not been a stranger to visiting Ohio State, but that didn't stop the senior from seeing and experiencing a whole new side of things this time around.

Homan, who was on his official visit this past weekend, said he got to become familiar with everything at Ohio State that he may not have seen in the past.

"With it being an official, you are there all the time for the entire weekend and it was good just to see how everything works," Homan said. "The thing I liked the most was seeing how the older guys handling everything and it really gave me some insight on how it is going to be when I get down there."

Something Homan may have enjoyed even more than seeing the ins and outs of Ohio State was meeting most of his future teammates, many of which he had never gotten the opportunity to see given they are from an array of different places.

I got to know all the commits I didn't really know. I knew a few of them, but it was nice to get to know everyone. I have pretty much seen everything already, but it was just to see the guys and know them better.

"I met Zach Boren before, but I saw him again and that's good because I may be rooming with him in the next few weeks," Homan added. "I met Dominic Clarke from Maryland and a bunch of the guys that aren't from Ohio."

Homan was hosted by his older brother Ross, who is took him around and gave his younger brother a better idea of what being an Ohio State football player is all about. For the second night of the visit, Homan was hosted by linebacker Andrew Sweat.

"With (Ross) moving away you don't get to see him as often as you may like, but it was nice to get up there and spend some time with him," Homan said. "We saw pretty much everything. We saw the dorms we would stay in, the academic center, the weight room, the training room. They showed us everything like that. With Ross, I really go an idea of what it is going to be like when I get there."

Not only did Homan get to see the Ohio State campus, but he also got the opportunity to watch the team practice.

"We watched practice both days and you could just tell everyone was having a lot of fun and they are working hard," Homan said. "It was really fun to watch them practice. It is a lot more intense, the speed of the game and everything is faster. It was fun."

Even with the practice, Homan was certainly impressed with all that Ohio State has to offer, both academically and educationally.

"The campus is great. I was amazed, especially for the football team, how much they set aside for them," Homan said. "I was really amazed by the size and the advances they have made over the years to their campus."

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