September 23, 2008

DJK on the receivers role in the offense

According to Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, the key to a successful passing game falls on the receivers. It is about getting open, creating space, and then catching the football when it is thrown. It sounds simple and Johnson-Koulianos feels he has been doing the job, but he knows he has to continue to do more. He talks about the change at QB, what the receivers need to do to help the quarterback, plus opening the Big Ten season at home.

Q: Talk about a new starting QB again this week.

DJK: Rick is going to have his shot again to come back and start a game. Hopefully he can come out and play his best game and we can get a "W" out of it. That is the most important thing to us after coming off that very disappointing loss

Q: Coach Ferentz said the passing game needs improvement. How much of that falls on the receivers?

DJK: For me, it is basically all on our shoulders. We have to get open as fast as we can and give the quarterbacks a target. If we are not getting off the ball and getting open, it is going to result in a sack.

Q: How do you think that you guys are doing as far as getting separation and route running?

DJK: For the most part, I feel like I am doing a great job of getting open. After a week of preparation and film study, I feel like I know what the defense are going to do. So far this season, I feel like I have done a good job of being available. I am just going to try to continue to do my best.

Q: Are the QB's missing you if you are open?

DJK: No, they are not missing me. There are obviously times so far this season where I feel like I have been open and there are times when it has been not so much.

Q: Are you getting tired of being asked about the QB situation? We are getting tired of asking about it.

DJK: It has become a drag. Hopefully we are in a transition right now and we are figuring out who is going to lead us throughout the Big Ten season. Hopefully we can figure that out in this upcoming season.

Q: What does Ricky bring to the table?

DJK: With every game he gets more experience and is put in more situations in a game where he has to convert more third downs and deal with crowd noise, things hasn't had to deal with before. I think this is going to be a pivotal game for him to make a statement of can he lead us to win games in the Big Ten.

Q: What about opening the conference season in Kinnick for the first time in six or seven years.

DJK: I wasn't aware of that, but that is huge. I was talking to somebody, I think it was Tony Moeaki or somebody about the atmosphere at Kinnick and we were like gosh we can't wait to get back in there. It is a different feeling playing in front of your home crowd. I feel like we have the best crowd in the Big Ten and hopefully they will be behind us. I am sure that they will be and we can get a W.

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