May 23, 2008

Spievey's countdown almost over

After a year away from the Iowa football program the countdown clock for Amari Spievey and his return to the Hawkeyes is about to strike zero. After spending the past year in junior college due to academic issues, Spievey will spend one more week at home before officially returning to the Hawkeye Football program. He talks about the journey back to Iowa City and his hopes for the upcoming campaign.

Q: What has this last year been like and what you have learned about yourself in that time?

SPIEVEY: I really had to be disciplined, work hard, and stay focused on and off the field. I realized what I had to do and go out and do it.

Q: The number of guys who have made it back after leaving Iowa is pretty small. What did it mean to you that they were open to you returning to the team?

SPIEVEY: It really showed me that they cared about my future and that they wanted me on the team and I had something to offer the team. They showed loyalty to me in wanting me back and I wanted to show them loyalty by making it possible to actually get back to them.

Q: How tough was that time when you left Iowa and you were probably in a situation where you didn't know exactly what might happen or where you might end up?

SPIEVEY: I really didn't know what might happen. I was really scared because I had never had grade problems before in my life and then this happened. But, I took care of business and I did what it took to get back and never felt sorry for myself.

Q: When are you headed back to Iowa City officially?

SPIEVEY: I get back June 1st.

Q: How anxious are you for June 1st to finally get here?

SPIEVEY: I am very anxious. I want to get there right now and starting working out with the team.

Q: Cornerback seems like an open position in some ways. Are you looking to contend for a starting spot this fall?

SPIEVEY: Yeah, I am.

Q: Have you had a chance to size up the competition you are going to face in camp this fall? You obviously know Bradley Fletcher from your time at Iowa, but you will also be competing with Jordan Bernstine and others for playing time.

SPIEVEY: I went to the spring game and I already knew about Bradley from being at Iowa for a year. I know what I had to do once I get there to content for playing time.

Q: Are you looking forward to getting back with Coach Doyle once you get back to campus?

SPIEVEY: Yeah, I am. Coach Doyle can be pretty tough, but I know better than to get on his bad side. (laugh)

Q: What about getting back with Coach Phil Parker this year?

SPIEVEY: I can't wait. He is my type of guy, straight and to the point. He is a really good coach and I learn a lot from him.

Q: How have you improved in the last year as a football player having actually got on the field and getting to play in junior college?

SPIEVEY: I got a lot smarter and much more confident. My back peddle got better because I really worked hard on improving it. My footwork is better as well.

Q: You were also returning kicks this past year. Is that something you want to put yourself in the mix for this fall?

SPIEVEY: Yeah I do. I played running back in high school, so I like to run with the ball.

Q: Your not campaigning for a chance at running back are you? (laugh)

SPIEVEY: Nah, Shonn Greene will take care of that for us.

Q: Have you talked to Shonn recently?

SPIEVEY: Yeah, a little bit. He is very excited to get back too.

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