May 22, 2008

Patience paid off for Bigach

The road to signing day in February was one that tested the patience of Steve Bigach. The Ohio native started picking up interest from Iowa and once that happened, he was sold, even if it meant being a gray shirt. But, an offer from the Hawkeyes came in late to be on campus this year and Bigach is jumped on it quick. Find out what this future Hawkeye has been doing and much more.

Q: What has been going on since signing day in February?

BIGACH: Usually they say that once you get done with signing day, you start working. I have been throwing the discus this year for the first time. We actually just had the district meet yesterday. Other than that, I have just been working out and running a little bit. I workout with the program that Iowa sent. I think I am headed to Iowa City around June 15th for a few weeks to workout with Coach Doyle and I am really excited about that.

Q: Are you doing any football all star games this summer?

BIGACH: No, I turned down the Big 33 game invite.

Q: How did the discus go last evening?

BIGACH: I won the district meet. I threw 158, which for me was pretty good since this is my first year doing it. Next week I will have to kick it up about ten feet if I want to make it to the state meet. I think I can do it, but we will have to wait and see.

Q: Has it been fun doing something a little different this spring?

BIGACH: Yeah it has. That was actually part of the reason I went out for it this spring. I figured it was my senior year and why not and go out and do something fun. My linebacker coach also helps out with the discus throwers, so I figured it would be fun.

Q: Looking back at your recruitment, you had to be pretty patient waiting for the offer from Iowa to come. Do you reflect on it at all now?

BIGACH: It was tough. If I said anything different, I would be lying to you. (laugh) I was actually all set on choosing between Air Force and Yale and it was going to be a tough decision. But, when Iowa came in, I was really excited. It was almost like a dream come true, but I didn't want to get my hopes up. Coach O'Keefe told me initially that they may or may not have a scholarship. Then they offered the scholarship late, I was pretty exciting. It made my decision a heck of a lot easier.

Q: The offer from Iowa came very late. Was it a quick decision once the offer was there?

BIGACH: I didn't commit on the spot because they offered me a gray shirt initially and I wanted to look into that further. If it came down to choosing the gray shirt or the other two offers, to be honest, I would have taken the gray shirt. I knew the kind of football that Iowa played and it was the chance to play in the Big Ten. But, I wanted to learn more about the school side of things. One of our family friends is a big Iowa fan and he had great things to say about Iowa. When I went on my official to check it out, it was great. After that I had my mind made up, so all I had to do was tell Coach Ferentz.

Q: Coach Kaczenski is a pretty high energy guy. What are your impressions of him?

BIGACH: I like him a lot. I think he is a great coach. He has a solid background and he played at Notre Dame, so he knows what he is doing. I won't really know him until I get there and work under him, but I am very excited to learn more from him.

Q: You play for a prestigious high school team against very good competition. Talk about how that has helped you as a player?

BIGACH: I think one of the things that I cherish about my high school experience is that I played with and against great players. I have played against guys that are going to Ohio State and other schools like that. I think that really helped me to realize that I can play with the best of the best. From a coaching standpoint I have learned from some great people. The coaches here are very good and the techniques that we use are also used by many college programs. I think they have prepared me very well for what I will see next year.

Q: What are your measurement now in terms of size and weight?

BIGACH: I am excited to start working under Coach Doyle, but right now I am close to 6-foot-3 and I weigh about 240. That is up from where I ended the season at. I haven't talked to Coach Doyle about this, but my plan is to go to camp at about 255 pounds, but I want it to be good weight.

Q: In high school you played a linebacker/ lineman?

BIGACH: I was more like a hybrid in high school because we run the 3-3 defense. Myself and another guy on the team had a little experience putting our hands down, so we would adjust coming to the line. I would say that about 60% of the time I was a linebacker and the other 40%, I had my hand on the ground.

Q: What are you looking at getting out of the first year at Iowa?

BIGACH: The way I have always gone about it is that I will give the coaches the best that I have everyday and see what the coaches think about it. I haven't talked to the coaches about what they have planned for me, but obviously I want to get out there and play. If it would be better for the team that I redshirt, I would be open to that. I am really up to anything if it can help the team.

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