May 16, 2008

Patience paid off for Herman

Just like that, the search was over. After traveling hundreds of miles last spring with his father to a variety of different football camps to work with college coaches, Brad Herman waited patiently for an offer from someone. The offer finally came from Iowa and the wait was over. Herman talks about working with Coach Doyle's program this spring, how he can't wait to get to Iowa City this summer, and much more.

Q: What have you been up to since signing day in February?

HERMAN: I chose not to do any sports this spring. I have pretty much just been focused on doing Coach Doyle's workout program and that has worked out well so far.

Q: What sort of gains have you made on Coach Doyle's program?

HERMAN: I am up to 230 pounds now, so I have added about eight pounds since the end of the season. I ran a 40 the other day in 4.6, but I was in my gym shoes (laugh), so I'm not sure that is my best. The good thing is that it doesn't appear that I have lost any speed over the winter.

Q: What are you most looking forward to about getting to Iowa City?

HERMAN: I think just to have something new. I have moved three times in my life and lived in three different states, so I haven't stayed in one place for too long. I think I am just ready to get out of high school and I am excited to get to Iowa and live my dream, which is playing college football.

Q: When do you plan to get to Iowa City?

HERMAN: I am getting there on June 1st.

Q: Do you plan to stay all summer?

HERMAN: Most of it. I have an all star game in late July in Illinois, but other than that, I will be in Iowa City.

Q: What is the all star game?

HERMAN: It is like a Shrine game and it is a week long event in late July.

Q: You had to decide between linebacker and tight end. What made you decide to be a linebacker?

HERMAN: First of all, we have two tight ends already coming in for this class, so they recruited me to play linebacker. It was the linebacker coaches that called me. I spent most of my time with Norm Parker when I was on my official visit. My dad asked me the question if I had to pick one which one would it be and I said linebacker. I think I will have more fun playing linebacker, but I am still open to playing tight end if it means more playing time and it would help the team.

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