May 1, 2008

Osweiler talks about Sun Devil commitment

Kalispell (Mont.) Flathead High School quarterback Brock Osweiler spent the last six months debating whether he would play basketball at Gonzaga -- he had been verbally committed to the program since June of 2006 -- or football somewhere else. Wednesday afternoon, he not only decided it would be football, he also selected a destination.

Osweiler is headed to Arizona State.

"Football and basketball and what school I was going to go to have pretty much been the only thing that has occupied my mind for three months," Osweiler said following the decision. "I think about it all day, every day, and all night; I can't sleep. Every coach has told me there will come a time when everything clicks and you'll just know what school to go to."

For Osweiler, that moment came during his third period advanced multi-media class.

Surprised? So was Osweiler.

"I was just sitting in the class and all of a sudden everything that I've been trying to figure out about what school I was going to go to just clicked in my head with ASU right beside it," Osweiler said. "I just had an insane gut feeling. It was a feeling I've never experienced before, it was unbelievable, and once it happened it was just instant and I was positive."

Osweiler left class to seek reassurance about the decision from his football coach at Flathead, Russell McCarvel.

"I was talking to him and I told him all the reasons why and when I was done talking, he just said, 'Brock, you just made the right decision. Everything you just said, you just listed all the right reasons.' Then I called my dad and he said, 'Brock, you made the right decision for the right reasons, we stand behind you, we can tell your heart is into that.' After that, I felt so much relief. I felt the best I've felt since probably December. I know it's the right decision.

"Florida State was scheduled to come, (as were) Alabama, UCLA, Washington State, and Stanford and none of that bothers me anymore. I'm going to call those guys and let them know where I'm at and let them know they can move on. That's how solid I feel about this."

Though he has never been to the Phoenix-area or the ASU campus, Osweiler said he is unconcerned.

"I've talked to many people that are very familiar with the area and they've told me nothing but great things, in fact, amazing things, about it," he said. "The main thing though is the coaching staff at ASU seems very similar to the coaches I've been fortunate enough to be around.

"My coaches here have great morals. They're great family type guys. It's one of the places I'll be taken care of and they'll always have my back. I feel that way about coach Erickson and his staff. The chance to play early is a really possible there I think. Their recruiting class (last year) was great and I'm looking forward to playing with those guys and other recruits they bring in in this class."

After making up his mind, Osweiler called Gonzaga to inform the basketball coaches there. Then he informed ASU head coach Dennis Erickson.

"They offered me a scholarship back late September, early October last year and knew that lately I've been thinking football," Osweiler said. "I've had some good talks with Coach Erickson, trying to get to know him. So I just called him today and said, 'Hey, do you think you'd have room for another quarterback on the roster starting in the 2009 season?' He was just super excited and said, 'You bet. We'd love to have you and can't wait for you to get down here.'"

As a junior, Osweiler threw for 3,250 yards and 31 touchdowns with a 63 percent completion rate. He said he had offers from ASU, Stanford and Washington State, and was getting very seriously recruited by Alabama, Florida State and UCLA, among others.

Osweiler, who said he is 6-foot-7.5 barefoot and over 6-foot-8 in shoes, knows that as a result of his height, he isn't the typical quarterback. Then again, most quarterbacks aren't athletic enough to be offered a basketball scholarship by a perennial Top-25 program while still a high school freshman.

"The biggest thing about me and maybe the reason why there's some questions in some peoples' minds is that there aren't a lot of quarterbacks out there like me because of that," Osweiler said. "I admire Peyton Manning quite a bit for his approach to the game, and I think I have some similarities in the way I play to others but I'm not really a lot like any one guy.

"I might not have the strongest arm, but I have a good arm. I'm mobile and pretty athletic for a guy my size and I can run well. I think I'm accurate and when the lights come on I'm someone who is going to go out there and get the job done."

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