February 18, 2008

Williams just trying to work hard this off-season

For Texas 5A Defensive Player of the Year Chris Williams, life revolves around football, even though the first game of his senior year is still over six months away. If he's not working out, he's sifting through the ridiculous amount of mail he gets from colleges trying to earn his commitment.

"It's funny, you know, it's always a little bit crazy," laughed Williams. "If it's not one thing, it's another, you know? But it's good right now, I'm just doing offense and all of that stuff and then just checking out schools."

Williams mentioned that he has been opening his fair share of mail lately, a chore he enjoys.

"As far as recruiting goes I'm just sorting through a lot of mail," he commented. "I'm mostly getting stuff from the schools that have offered me: (Texas) Tech, Baylor, Arizona, and then LSU offered me last Monday, so now they're sending a lot of mail too."

But don't let all the recruiting talk fool you, Williams isn't the sort of player that reads his own press clippings- his goal this off-season is to become a better football player.

"Definitely getting better than anyone else in the state," he answered when asked what he hoped to achieve this spring. "Just working harder everyday, you know? I have to picture someone chasing me, knowing that there's always going to be someone out there who I need to outwork if I want to be the best. I'm also trying to focus on a title. We did good last year, but this year I'm staying focused on that. I know that everyone is going to try to outwork me and catch me, but I can't let that happen."

One of the schools that has noticed Williams' relentless work ethic is Texas Tech. The Red Raiders were the first school to offer the West Texan, a fact that's not lost on him.

"It's huge that they've been showing me interest for so long," said the 6-foot-1, 230-pound junior. "They were down looking at Jordan Harris when I was a sophomore and they bumped into me a few times, and they've made sure ever since they saw me at those practices to let me know that there was a place for me at Tech."

Another factor that could weigh in Tech's favor is the presence of defensive coordinator and player favorite Ruffin McNeill.

"As soon as Coach Set stepped down because of everything that happened to he and his family, I went down and watched that first game with Coach Ruff as the coordinator, and it was just something different going on there on the sidelines," he explained. "Coach Ruff is a good guy, and I think he really carried on what Coach Set had started there with the defense. Coach Ruff is such a great guy and everyone respects him, you can just tell. And then before the OU game I was listening and he was telling the defense that they had something special for OU and you could just tell that they wanted to play so hard and lay their hearts on the line for that man, and that said a lot to me."

As for the other wildcard in Tech's deck, Williams' three former Abilene teammates now on Tech's roster, the linebacker says he's been hearing a Tech sales pitch quite often from the former Eagles.

"Well, there's Potts, Lyle, and Kobey, and they are constantly trying to get at me," he laughed. "They're always asking me if I think I could hang with them in practice since they're all offensive players. But the good thing with them is that I know they love it there and they wouldn't try to lead me somewhere that wasn't good for me."

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