February 18, 2008

Ware wants to win it all, again

Since Dustin Ware committed to UGA over a year ago, he has seamingly played behind the scenes as he has not gotten the publicity that some other top players have. This maybe because he plays in an independent classification with small schools that offer little or no competition. Or it also might be because he told other schools they needn't waste their time on him because he was as solid a commitment as they come. Nevertheless, the point guard has done nothing but play solid basketball every night since.

This year he has the North Cobb Christian team undefeated at 26-0 and aiming for back to back championships.

He refreshed us on why he chose UGA last November.

"It was everything," Ware said. "Between the coaches, the atmosphere, and the players, everything was top notch. I saw the program going in the right direction and the opportunity to come in and contribute. This was where I wanted to be and still is"

What has he worked on since then?

"Well first of all, I put on about eight pounds of muscle since then. I have also been working on improving my vertical and my speed. I am just trying to get as ready as I can for the college game."

"I have also been trying to think like a point guard as well. I have talked to a lot of coaches about what a point guard needs as far as preparing for games and distributing the ball to teammates. I feel it's just as important to be ready mentally for playing next year."

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