February 7, 2008

Mailbag: UGA's Class of 2008

b>Mail Bag: You sent me your questions about Georgia's Signing Class of 2008 and my answers to your questions are right here. All questions are focused on Georgia's class of 2008.

Mail Bag: UGA's Class of '08

After all the post-season evaluations have been completed in your opinion who is our biggest impact sleeper in this class no one is really talking about?

Blair Walsh is a guy that does not get enough recognition. I expect him to be kicking for UGA next fall. He has the leg, the smarts, the mental toughness and the position is open. The combination of those things, plus I feel he is underrated makes him one of my biggest sleepers.

I haven't heard much talk about Jonathon Owens - what are your thoughts on him?
Owens is a hard working offensive lineman that played against a lot smaller defensive lineman in high school. In some ways that is good and in some ways that is bad. On the positive side, he has to be quick to get out on those smaller/lighter ends, but on the negative side, he hasn't really went up against a typical sized SEC defensive lineman very often. He has good feet for a guy that size and he has good strength, but he, like most OL's will have to work on his hand placement, getting off the ball and pass protection. He is a tackle in high school, but I expect him top play guard at Georgia.

What are your thoughts on Pugh at cornerback?

I think Pugh is a very strong, very physical corner. He is also smart and does a good job of knowing when to and when not to jump routes. Pugh is quick to attack the ball on an underneath route and is great in breaking up the pass. He has deceptive quickness, but he is best close to the line when playing a physical style of defense and throwing the WR off of his route and disrupting the timing of the play. Safety is a position he could play because of his strength and ability to read the QB, but I think he starts at corner when he gets to Athens.

I was surprised we didn't get Neiko Lipscomb as a sign and place. Certainly Auburn will sign and place him too - was he scared off by our CB depth?

No, Lipscomb did not have an offer from Georgia late in the process. From what I understand from coaches at Tucker, Georgia went in and talked about a possible grey-shirt IF he did qualify, but they decided not even to pursue that. I am a little surprised about that too because I think he could become a very good SEC corner once he gets his academics in order and begins to train like other SEC players. He is a raw talent with little understanding of how to actually play corner, but he has a lot of potential and not many corner are 6-2 with long arms and 4.4 speed like him.

Where will Bryce Ros play in your opinion? I know that four
positions have been mentioned - OL, TE, DE, DT? Can you give us a
percentage split on those four on what he is most likely to play?

I thought he had potential to play a couple of different positions at Georgia, but with Allen signing with Clemson, then I think he is now tight end all the way. I think Ros could surprise some with his ability at tight end. His high school offense did not use him much as a receiver, but he is athletic, he has good hands and he is a very tough minded player.

In two years, what position will A.J. Harmon be playing?

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