November 28, 2007

Hawkins pleased with Cody's development

BOULDER, Colo. - Cody Hawkins has had what most would categorize as an up-and-down season. The redshirt freshman quarterback threw for 2,693 yards in the regular season, which ranks tied for third most in CU history. But he also threw 15 interceptions, which was one shy of the school record.

"He knows he has a long ways to go but I am just real proud of how he has handled it, being the coach's kid and being under fire at some points, and the other side of it, people being overly excited about his play," CU head coach Dan Hawkins said when asked about Cody's development during the season. "He has been good about being stable the whole time.

"It is interesting, I'll tell it to you now, you know that first shot he took against Texas Tech? He pretty much got knocked out. He didn't remember the rest of the game. He played the rest of the game with a Kleenex stuck up his nose and he didn't make a big deal of it and I don't want to make a big deal of it but I was really thinking to myself, 'That's pretty good, that is pretty tough right there'. We all have a long ways to go but in general he did a pretty good job for us."

"It was an interesting game," Cody Hawkins said of the Texas Tech game. "I got hit and I started to notice that I was spacing out a little bit. Then I was talking to Scotty [McKnight] and I couldn't stop thinking about board games and other weird stuff. I just had to read the card and do exactly what the card said because I couldn't really remember practicing those plays during the week."

Since the Texas Tech game, Cody Hawkins has thrown just one interception.

"I think that I started to get a better feel for the offense, just how to run things during the games and playing within myself," he said. "The coaches started to figure out what I can do well and what the other young guys can do well. Personally, I think I got better as the year went on. But there are definitely some things I need to work on, both for the bowl game and for next season."

Additional Notes:

*** Cody Hawkins' 424 pass attempts this season set a school record and his 239 completions are the second most in the school history. He didn't generate much offense with his legs, however. Hawkins gained 89 yards on the ground, but his net rushing total is negative 11 yards after the lost yardage from sacks is factored in.

*** The Buffs wait anxiously to find out which bowl game they will play in. It appears the most likely scenario is the Insight Bowl in Tempe, Ariz., on December 31st. If passed over by that bowl committee, they would likely play in the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, La., on December 30th.

"The warmer the better," Cody Hawkins said. "You guys probably don't get into it but we're all trying to figure out what the bowl gifts are, if you get a new iPod or an Xbox. I really don't think it matters where we play; we're just pumped to go out and get to play with each other one more time."

*** Cody admitted that he has already peeked at next year's schedule. The Buffs have a difficult three game stretch early in the season in which they will play Florida State, West Virginia and Texas.

"I was kind of joking around that I am going to find out Pat White and Steve Slatton's cell numbers and start calling them acting like I'm an NFL agent, 'You're the top pick on our charts, you should enter the draft,'," he said. "But they are a very good football team and we have other good teams on our schedule so we just have to go out and take it week by week."

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