November 27, 2007

Dorrell meets in front of a packed house

Coach Karl Dorrell was in front of a packed house of media types for yesterday's press conference. That it was such a crowded affair gives you an indication what this game coming up against USC means, not only to the players and coaches of both schools, but to the local community as well.

"Good afternoon, it is a big week we're all excited about and we're also excited about the win we had this past weekend," UCLA Karl Dorrell said. "I know it wasn't the prettiest of wins particularly for our offense, but we did what was necessary for us to win the football game.

"We played with great defense. We played with really good special teams. We didn't put the game in jeopardy so it was good to see our team hang on and fight through and get a great win against a very good football team.

"I think other teams know what it feels like when you lose your quarterback and what you have to do deal with to try and make things continue to be productive.

"It has been that kind of year in the Pac 10, but that's another story, but I just wanted to make note that we are very impressed with our team and its effort in what we did this past weekend and we know we have another big challenge ahead of us with this big game this week.

"This is a great opportunity for us this week. It is an unusual opportunity to be where we had some unfortunate losses during the season and still have an opportunity to be a championship team this year.

"I know that it takes more than just us winning the game this weekend to do it, but nonetheless we are in position possibly to achieve those possibilities and our team is excited about that.

"We worked hard and like I said it hasn't been the prettiest of circumstances this year, but we are just going to build on the win that we had this past week and move forward and this is a great, great challenge against a very good football team.

"It is the cross town rivals week so it is a lot of great anticipation coming into this game.

"We do get some of our health back. In just a little bit I'll make a quick notice on things that happened in the game last week. All of these are minor issues and I will just make not of it.

"Korey Bosworth has a little bit of a hyper extended elbow in the game, but he was able to return. He's sore, but he should be able available this week. He's one of our reserve defensive ends.

"Chris Horton had a mild concussion and he did not play in the second half, but he is already cleared with most of his symptoms right now so he should be ready practicing tomorrow and we anticipate him being fine for the game.

"Ben Olson is a little bit sore. He played the second half and played 39 plays and like most of the injuries when you are not completely healthy. You are going to have some soreness so he was sore so we will see how the week unfolds for him.

"On the flipside of that we get clearance to have Patrick Cowan back this week, which is a good sign too. We may have the opportunity to have our top two quarterbacks that we started the beginning of the year with available for this game, which is a very good sign.

"Then the last one is Jess Ward. He's a defensive tackle for us. He had a little bit of twinge in his during the course of the game and did not finish playing the game, but he feels better this week. He's still not completely healthy, but we're hoping he's going to be available to have some depth for us on our defensive line.

"Those are the injuries and I know there will be a lot of anticipated questions that you have so I'm ready for them."

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