November 20, 2007

GoPowercat Q&A: Steven Cline

Kansas State nose tackle Steven Cline wasn't about to let a torn ACL stop him from taking the field with his teammates on Senior Day last Saturday, and the 280-pound defensive lineman is expected to play during the Wildcats' final regular season game this weekend as well. But before he steps on the field for what could be his last colligate game, Cline sat down with to answer questions about his unlikely return from injury, and a wealth of other topics.

The fact that you played in last Saturday's game despite having a serious knee injury has been well documented. How did that process go? Was there a conversation with head caoch Ron Prince?
I went to him during Thursday practice, and I kind of jokingly said, 'Can I play? And he said, 'I don't see why not.'

Was coach being sarcastic?
I don't think he was. The question definitely was though. He said, 'If Matt, the trainer, says you can, then I'll let you play.' Matt knew before that practice, but he didn't tell me because he wanted me to be able to sleep that night.

How did you find out you were playing?
I got a text the next morning saying I needed to come in and talk to the trainer in person. He kind of put a frown face on it too. You know, those faces you can put in text messages, behavioral symbols or whatever they're called. Anyway, when I came in he told me that they knew I was going to try to sneak on the field. So they said they had arranged for me to be a guest announcer with Wyatt Thompson up in the box, but then he was like, 'But you can play.' So I said, 'Alright, I'll play the first half and go up in the box after that.' Then he told me he was just joking about the announcing thing.

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