October 15, 2007

GoPowercat Q&A: Marcus Watts

Kansas State safety Marcus Watts has become known as one of the K-State's toughest players over the years, and the Hays Kan., native's never-quit attitude has made him one of the most beloved players in school history. GoPowercat.com had the chance to chat with Watts about his role as a fan favorite and slew of other topics during an exclusive interview on Monday.

It seems like the fans around here can't get enough of you. How did things get to be like this?
I think people look at where I came from. I'm a small-town Kansas kid that didn't have a lot of recruiting looks coming out of high school. I think fans like that. It's so great to have all of their the support. They supported me through all of my injuries, especially the serious ones I've had in the last couple of years. The support was so good to have.

Let's talk about those injuries for a second. What was the first thing you thought about when you injured your hip in 2005?
I thought about how much it hurt first. The second thing was Bo Jackson. He dislocated his hip and all that stuff. I was very fortunate that mine came out in the front side of my hip and not the backside. It didn't break any bones.

What was the hardest part about rehabilitating that injury? That had to be rough on you.
Really, just the fact that I had to sit there and not do much. It felt fine, but it was one of those things that was going to take time. I really didn't do a lot in winter conditioning, and I didn't do much in spring ball. It took a while. It took about a year from the time I injured it.

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