August 28, 2007

Hot 11: Top stories to watch in game one

The Horns will take to the field in their season opener on Saturday night, and there are plenty of interesting storylines that fans will want to follow. How will John Chiles perform? Can Jamaal Charles hold up to the pounding that will come with an increased workload? We rank the top 11 areas of interest on which fans - and the coaches - will want to focus.

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Rank Player The Analysis Last Week
1 Limas Sweed's wrist injury Sweed spoke with the media this week and he said all the right things about being healthy and ready to go for the season opener. Despite the pronouncement, there is still some concern. It's unlikely that Sweed will be at 100 percent for a while, and Longhorn fans need to hope and pray that the wrist injury doesn't continually flair up or get worse over the course of the season. N/A
2 The play of John Chiles Obviously, everyone is interested to see how the true freshman will perform once he hits the field, so that will be a popular water cooler topic. The other issue will be just how much playing time Chiles gets. The coaches have said they need to get him ready, so how early will they get him in?
3 How aggressive will Duane Akina be? Longhorn fans got a glimpse of Akina's mentality in the Alamo Bowl, when Texas employed a variety of blitzes to slow down the Hawkeye attack. Expect more of the same in 2007. How early will he begin sending guys and how risky will he be? We'll find out on Saturday. N/A