August 14, 2007

2007 Fall Football Practice Report #4

Our intrepid reporter, the ever-industrious Campus Carl was dispatched to the Cougar football practice field to cover Wazzu's fourth full-padded practice of the fall session. We have confiscated his notes before they fell into the hands of impressionable youngsters or Wisconsin cheese spies making googly eyes at the Cougar Gold…


--At the start of practice (pre-warmups) offensive coordinator Mike Levenseller was sending wild, high speed field goal snaps at Gary Rogers and Cole Morgan to give them some practice handling bad snaps. Rogers handled them well, showing reach and pretty good hands. Morgan fumbled them away a little more often but still did ok.

--Today's drill for the DBs from assistant coach David Walkosky: stripping/knocking the ball away from receivers that catch a fade route in front of them.

--Skellies: Benny Ward had some hands issues, dropping a couple of balls, including one down the sideline where he'd beaten Brian Williams for what would've been an easy six.

--Devin Giles showed some deep speed, staying with Brandon Gibson on a deep route down the left sideline and breaking up a pass from Rogers.

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