August 4, 2007

Behind the Verbal

After unofficially visiting USC last April, Brice Butler had nothing more than feelings.

While touring a dozen college campuses over the course of three months, Butler didn't make an emotional decision. More accurately stated, he made a decision based on emotion. Becoming commitment No. 13, the Trojans were lucky that Butler followed his heart.

For his father, the trip to Los Angeles last April became a test of emotions.

"If you feel the coach, I think your heart should speak to you," said Bobby Butler. "Pete Carroll is a great guy whose already accomplished a lot in college football. The same can be said for the players on the team.

You have to get a good sense about those guys because that's who you go to work with everyday. From that standpoint, you also have to look at the program from a team perspective. How do the players respond to the team concept? Well, they do that big at USC and it's exciting."

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