April 27, 2007

Ryan Blaszczyk: Ready for new role

What a difference a year has made for sophomore center Ryan Blaszczyk. Last season, he practiced as a member of the scout team and didn't see one second of playing time. Now, just a few short months later, he is emerging as the successor to Darnell Stapleton.

"I'm just trying to be the center he was. He was a great center for Rutgers," said Blaszczyk. "He was a great person to follow. He showed me everything I needed to know at center. Now, it's my turn to take what he taught me and put it on the field."

Blaszczyk began his career at Rutgers as a defensive lineman, but it wasn't long before he changed from attacking the offense to protecting it.

"The transition was tough at first," Blaszczyk explained. "But Coach Flood is a very, very good coach. He's taught me so much. And being an offensive lineman that has played defense, I understand more about the defenses that I see in front of me."

Although Blaszczyk has not faced an opposing defense before, he feels confident he can come in and produce.

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