February 9, 2007

McGuffie calls Weis, Carr

After a break in English III on Friday, Sam McGuffie was asked to talk to the
professor. Not his English professor at Cy Fair High school, but an offensive
mastermind who has taught on the pro and college level.

"I was given Coach (Charlie) Weiss' cell phone number and was asked to call him
today," McGuffie said. "I called him and my hands were shaking. He told me that
he saw my film and that he'd been in the NFL for 15 years and wasn't easily
impressed. He said that he was looking at my offer on his desk and he was
sending it out today."

Notre Dame coach Charlie Weiss didn't say how he would use McGuffie, but that
his speed could translate anywhere on the field.

"He mentioned the hurdling over people and thought that was very creative," he
said. "He said that just doesn't happen and asked what I was thinking about when
I did that."

McGuffie has had a big week after returning from Oklahoma's junior day with an
offer. The 5-10, 190-pound running back talked to Michigan's Lloyd Carr on
signing day, who also offered him.

"We really talked about the offense they run and how they give it to their
running back," he said. "They run a zone offense and let their running back

While McGuffie's father is from Michigan, he says that he has no current

"Everyone is even right now," he said. "My trip to Oklahoma was tight and I
really want to get up to some schools before deciding. I know I'll decide before
the start of my senior season."

Georgia Tech also offered this week, joining Kansas, Kansas State, Texas Tech
and Texas A&M. Schools he hasn't been offered by but has interest in include
USC, Ohio State and Florida.

"The Georgia Tech coaches were real nice also," he said. "The want me as a
playmaker and have seen several of my games already. They recuited Tyler Melton
from my district so they've been by practice a couple of times."

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