January 4, 2007

Five questions after the Fiesta ends

The travel miles logged, the rental car returned, it's time to take a look back on 2006 with a few questions of our own. The loss to Boise State has some Sooners up in arms. What does it mean to the state of Oklahoma football? Where do the Sooners go from here and what about Bob Stoops and all these NFL openings? SoonerScoop.com Editor Carey Murdock takes a look at several key issues surrounding OU football after the completion of the 2006 season.

What does the Fiesta Bowl loss mean for Oklahoma football?

It really depends on who you ask. For some fans, it's a reason to point out everything that's wrong with the Oklahoma coaching staff. Vent freely folks. OU's loss doesn't mean the Sooners need to make any staff changes.

With perspective, the Fiesta Bowl loss will simply be seen as a great game by Boise State. Oklahoma ended up fighting back in the end. They put themselves in position to win the game. But Boise State's trickery put them over the top and the mid-major football power knocked off a perceived giant.

That's ultimately what this game means to Oklahoma and college football.

Watching the game after arriving back in Norman from Arizona, the Sooners had several key plays that doomed their day. Paul Thompson's fumble deep in OU territory, Boise State's touchdown just before the end of the first half, and the unbelievable hook and ladder execution turned the tide for the Broncos.

But you also have to take Oklahoma's comeback bid into account. When you step back and look at the game in its entirety, this was a great game with two really good teams battling for a BCS Championship.

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