December 27, 2006

NU Notes: Husker players roll around in style

DALLAS - Bowl trips are a reward to the players for the hard work they put in during the season.

Tuesday night, the Nebraska football team had the evening free to soak in some of the sights and sounds Dallas.

Junior safety Ben Eisenhart said a group of about 15 Husker players all got together on Tuesday and chipped in to rent a stretch Cadillac Escalade limousine to cruise around the "Big D" in.

"We all just pitched in," Eisenhart said. "It was only 10 dollars a person."

However, since it was the night after Christmas and a Tuesday, Eisenhart joked that the 15 Husker players in the limo had a hard time attracting any female guests to join them on their cruise around town.

"We went to lower Greenville, it was supposed to be a party spot, but I think we were the only people that heard that," Eisenhart said laughing. "There was nobody in the whole place. I don't think a girl talked to us the whole night.

"Either way, we had a great time last night. It was just fun hanging out with the guys and cruising around town."

Young players stand out during bowl practices

Over the last few weeks, Nebraska head coach Bill Callahan said he had a chance to work with several different young players during NU's bowl practice.

Callahan said that several different things stood out about those practices and he's excited about the development of Nebraska's young talent.

"We had a chance to look at a lot of different young players throughout the course of bowl preparation, and what we did was early on, when we talked about that contact phase, we scrimmaged quite a bit and looked at lot of different combinations in the secondary," Callahan said. "I feel good that we've been able to look at evaluate those players. I'm talking about Major Culbert, I'm talking about Rickey Thenarse, I'm talking about Corey Young.

"Those young players in the back end received a lot of playing time early on in the scrimmage phase. And then I looked at our wide receivers and our offensive line. And that'll be the strength of our team coming back next year."

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