October 8, 2006

Q&A with Mikey Henderson

Junior wide receiver
Mikey Henderson provided one of the few bright
spots for the Georgia Saturday in the 51-33 loss to Tennessee. UGASports caught
up with Henderson to talk about his 86-yard punt return for a touchdown and
the play of the Georgia special teams.

UGASports: Are you more careful with the ball when you score
a touchdown now?

Henderson: "After what happened, I said I am not going
to let the ball go until I am in the back of the endzone, so that is what I

UGASports: Can you describe what happened on your 86-yard
punt return for a touchdown?

Henderson: "It was like a field return and they kicked
it into the corner in the opposite way of where we were going. I took back over
towards where it was supposed to be to get the blocks right and when I got over
there, there was a crease, and all I could see was the punter. When you see
the punter you have to make the punter miss, but somebody was on the punter,
so I did not have to do that either. All the other ten guys had opened it up
for me to run and it is my job to catch and run, so I just did my job."

UGASports: Are you surprised by how much success you are having
as a punt returner?

Henderson: "Yeah it is surprising because before this
year the only thing I had ever done was on gunner, downing punts, and special
teams stuff. I never knew what I could really do and at the same time, it is
not me as much as it is those other ten guys out there, because I could not
do anything without them. We like the success we are having on punt return and
a lot of it is trust. I trust those ten guys to block for me and I believe they
trust me to catch it, read their block, and try to score on every play."

UGASports: How is your hamstring holding up?

Henderson: "It feels good real good."

UGASports: Georgia seems to have a tradition of scoring on
special teams against Tennessee?

Henderson: "We work hard on it every week, Thomas had
one last year, Damien Gary had one two or three years ago, and one year we blocked
one. I guess it is tradition for this game and something that happens on special
teams and the punt return team against Tennessee. I just wish we could have
won the game."

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