September 20, 2006

Sooner Hot 11

While the game may not have come out the way Sooner fans wanted, or more importantly the way the coaches and players deserved there were plenty of shining efforts on Saturday in Eugene, Ore. Here is a look at this week's Sooner Hot 11.

1. Adrian Peterson, Running Back - Stats: 34 carries, 216 yards, One Touchdown,
Analysis: This one was a no brainer, but I'll go ahead and humor you with an explanation why college football's best player was also Oklahoma's best player on Saturday. Peterson struggled and fought for yardage in the early going, even showing his frustration at times, but like most great backs was at his best late in the game with 140 yards rushing in the fourth quarter alone. Basically Peterson's final two drives -yes, they were basically his- will be seen as 'Heisman moments'. Oh, and he even managed to work in some solid returns and a great block on the game's final kickoff return.

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