August 18, 2006

KU offense will add to arsenal

You may think the Kansas offense changes from year to year. But that's not really the case. The fact is the Jayhawk coaches have stuck with the same system from day one. They just alter their plans to fit the personnel.

The offense in 2006 could closely resemble the offense in 2003 when Bill Whittemore led them to a bowl game with a versatile attack. Those game-plans included option, a quarterback run game, short passing game, and getting the ball down field.

"We want the defense to respect very eligible receiver and ball carrier," said Kansas offensive coordinator Nick Quartaro. "We want to be able to spread the defense and stretch the field and find creases in that respect. We want to utilize our quarterback to help accomplish that. So some of the things we did with Bill we always had in our offense, but maybe it wasn't as highlighted in the last year or two."

In steps Kerry Meier. The freshman quarterback has all the tools to do what the Jayhawks want.

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