August 14, 2006

Casey's back

The Razorbacks held a long second practice on the ninth day of fall camp, and the team welcomed back sophomore quarterback Casey Dick after he missed about a week of work with a tight muscle in his lower back.

Arkansas coach Houston Nutt was extremely pleased with the team's effort in full pads during the 6:50 p.m. workout. Players are getting tired, exhaused, fighting through injuries and bumps and bruises. This is the time, according to Nutt, when the team will find out who wants to fight and compete. How will his players respond when they are tired?

"The two-a-days, after a week, and then you put two-a-days on them the way we practiced them today - we got a lot out of them today - it takes a man. It takes a man to go through practice like this every day," Nutt said after the two-hour practice.

"This is where the grind comes in, and this is where you're looking for the focus. This is where you're looking for the concentration. Who's going to jump offsides? Who's going to take care of the ball? Who's going to line up properly and play at 100 miles per hour. That's what you're looking for during this week."

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