August 14, 2006

Robinson wants more attitude from the OL

Ask any offensive linemen, and he'll tell you he's not only the smartest guy on the team, but the best looking, and should probably get to throw a pass or two in a game. That's just the nature of the position, and sophomore offensive guard Duke Robinson is no different than the rest, except for standing 6-foot-6 330-pounds with dreadlocks that would make a Rastafarian proud.

After Saturday's scrimmage in which the offensive line had it's ups and downs associate editor Josh McCuistion had a chance to catch up with the big linemen to see what he thought of fall practice to date and how he saw things turning out for himself and the rest of the Sooners.

JM: So break down for me how you thought things went today.

DR: I think we got off to a slow start, we got the emotion for the run today cause coach said we're going to do a lot of running you know, a lot of power. So we got in the mood for a lot of running and came out with a lot of passion, we've got to start hitting them in the face from the start. Then just keep pounding until the fourth quarter.

JM: There is no position on the field that enjoys mixing it up more than the offensive linemen so this change in philosophy has to be something you're really enjoying right?

DR: Oh this is the good stuff, once you start getting into the defense they'll ease up. You hit them in the mouth two or three times with AD (Adrian Peterson), AP (Allen Patrick coming out of the backfield, the young guys, and 'Gute'(Jacob Gutierrez). Once you get those guys in those gaps that defense will ease up. Last year they came in their with a full head of steam cause we was passing, we let them get the emotion.

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