June 27, 2006

New roster shows interesting changes

Rosters lie. Well, most do anyway. Virtually any knowledgeable football fan understands that most "official" rosters are far from official - at least until you get to the pro level - as its not uncommon for players to be listed two inches taller or 10 pounds heavier than the scale actually reads. Kansas State, like everybody else, has been guilty of this in the past, but the Wildcats new official roster appears to be legit, displaying some interesting changes in size.

A few interesting notes from the latest release of the Wildcats' official roster for the 2006 season…

*** The wide receivers have gotten smaller: Okay, they haven't really, but all three of the Wildcats projected starters at the position lost one inch of their previously listed height.

*** For that matter, everybody is shorter: Again, K-State's players didn't actually get any shorter since the release of the spring roster, but out of the 30 notable changes selected for this story 20 players lost at least one inch, while only one, defensive end Ian Campbell, gained an inch.

*** K-State's offensive line hasn't skipped any meals: If you project K-State's starting offensive line, from left to right, as Derek Meyer, Greg Wafford, Jordan Bedore, Caleb Handy and Gerard Spexarth, the unit has gained 102 pounds since the start of spring practice…according to the rosters.

Without any further delay, here's a listing of roster changes we found interesting using their new height and weight. Oh yeah, please don't take the comments seriously; they are for entertainment purposes only.

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