September 15, 2013

MMQB: More offensive changes to come?

EAST LANSING - After spending two-thirds of last week's game against South Florida in the shot gun, the Spartans returned to a level of formational balance that Mark Dantonio seemed comfortable with, according to the coach's weekly Sunday teleconference.

The Spartans still seem committed to sprinkling in more spread formation offense, and a handful of zone read plays. But this is being done to complement Dantonio's base scheme, not replace it.

"Things are going to change somewhat, but I think we also need to understand and not lie to each other here, that the basis of who we are, the foundation of who we are, is probably sort of set in some ways," Dantonio said. "There's only so many different ways you're going to run the football. We can keep trying to be creative, but you've got to be able to run it.

"We've been a base power team, and we'll remain that. But obviously we're moving a little bit to some one‑back things and some different things that keep things interesting and keep us trying to be innovative, but again, you have to attack the defense."

Dantonio refrained from saying whether MSU's style against Youngstown State or South Florida more accurately portrayed what the Spartans will be in coming games. He said much of it will be determined by the opponent.

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