January 23, 2013

2013 Positional Outlook: Quarterbacks

Keep holding on, we're almost home.
Welcome to the post that I know just as much about as you guys do, the quarterbacks.

The Pokes had three 1,000 yard passers in 2012 because of injuries and a QB carousel that just kept on spinning, but that usually isn't a recipe for success.

Oklahoma State will try to figure out this quarterback situation sooner rather than later, and hope for the best when the season rolls around as far as any changes go.
The Candidates:

Clint Chelf: 1,588 yards, 15 TD's, 6 INT's, 60.4% completion rate

J.W. Walsh: 1,564 yards, 13 TD's, 3 INT's, 66.9% completion rate

Wes Lunt: 1,108 yards, 6 TD's, 7 INT's, 61.8% completion rate

Daxx Garman: Did not play

Cody Peterson: Did not play

Outlook: This situation is about as messy as a gut-shot deer, and it's going to take a lot to clean it up. Every fan you ask will have a different opinion on who should be QB1 for the Pokes this season, and the players didn't make it any easier for the other two during the season.

Chelf finished the year strong in every aspect of the game except for his win/loss record, as he suffered bad defeats at Oklahoma and Baylor. Despite that, he showed that even though he isn't the most gifted player he's fully capable of running the air-raid offense for OSU. He may not have the strongest arm or the fastest feet, but he can get the ball where it needs to be and understands reads and progressions.

The only down side is that he doesn't have the electric arm you'd like to see from guys at the QB position in the spread, and that showed a little bit while he was in.

Walsh is where the position battle starts to get confusing. Coming into the year, he was thought to be a purely dual-threat quarterback who didn't have that great of an arm, but could run for days. That showed, as he rushed for 290 yards and 7 TD's during his time behind center, but his throwing was even more impressive as he racked up both yardage and touchdowns through the air. He dominated almost everyone (with a hiccup at Kansas) until suffering an injury against Iowa State, and looked a lot better throwing the ball than I thought he would.

But as there is with every candidate, there's a down side that causes worry. Walsh accounted for a ton of yardage, but that's because former offensive coordinator Todd Monken cut down the playbook quite a bit to accommodate Walsh's weaker arm. There weren't many throws to the perimeter, as most of his passes were on crossing routes and to the middle of the field. There's also a concern about his style of play with the amount of times he pulls the ball down to run, and that showed when he was hurt against the Cyclones. But, as is the case with all of them, the Cowboys can win games with Walsh.

Then comes the young gun. Lunt was named starter heading into last season, and is the prototypical quarterback for OSU's system. He's tall, smart, and has a great arm, and that showed when he torched Arizona's defense in the second game of the year.

His downside? There are a few. He looked young when he was in this season, sometimes making questionable throws that a veteran would know not to make. He also (And this is strictly my opinion) seemed very quiet on the sidelines. Have quiet guys excelled at quarterback? Maybe a few, but it definitely makes it tougher. There's also a concern for Lunt with injuries. He suffered two this season (A knee against Louisiana and a concussion against Kansas State), which makes you wonder if he may be a bit injury-prone. It's really not a huge deal due to Oklahoma State's stout offensive line, but it's something the coaches may worry about.

Last comes the unknown, a transfer by the name of Daxx Garman. Garman dominated at Jones High School until his senior year when he transferred to Texas High School powerhouse Southlake Carroll. He won the starting job there, but was declared ineligible due to transfer rules at the beginning of the season. He was a long-time commit to Arizona, and spent the fall semester there, but when Rich Rodriguez was hired to take over the program, Garman didn't fit his plans. Instead of staying, the quarterback transferred back to his home-state of Oklahoma to join the Cowboys in January of 2012. He spent this past season as the scout team quarterback, but spectators at practice have been wowed by his arm. He's also a bigger player, which could make running the offense even easier.

The bad news is his inexperience. You simply don't know what you'd get from him, as he hasn't really played in a football game since his junior year in 2010. He'd have four years of eligibility left, which would allow him to play until he was 24-25, and if his arm is what people have said it is, he could be the equivalent of a "franchise quarterback" at Oklahoma State.

There isn't much known about Peterson, other than he's a transfer in from Arizona Western Junior College. He's listed at 6'3 on the OSU roster, but I haven't seen or heard his name at all anywhere which leads me to believe he probably won't be in the mix this spring. Is that in concrete? Absolutely not, but all we know is he's on the roster and hasn't been talked about by the coaches. Keep an eye out for him if he comes up.

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