May 11, 2012

Smith hopes to play

After graduating high school in Canada, Tevaun Smith headed to prep school in Connecticut hoping to earn a chance to play Division I football. Now, the wide receiver is getting ready to realize his dream as he prepares to move to Iowa and play for the Hawkeyes possibly even as a true freshman this year. Smith talks about his journey, when he is arriving on campus, what number he will be wearing, and much more.

Q: How much school do you have left this spring?

SMITH: I've got about two and half or three weeks left.

Q: When do you make the move out to Iowa?

SMITH: I'm going out there on July 9.

Q: Does that give you a little time to spend back home since you've been away at prep school most of the year?

SMITH: Yeah. I've been away for about six months, so I decided to stay home for at least three weeks this summer.

Q: Was that something the Iowa coaching staff talked to you about or did they just leave it up to you?

SMITH: Yeah, they did. I spoke with the coaches and they said to spend as much time at home as you can and then whenever you're ready to come out, come out. But the ultimate goal for me is to do whatever I can to get ready for the fall.

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