May 16, 2011

Friends will help Lomax in transition

The Hawkeye Football team has opened up a pretty good pipeline into the state of Maryland the past two years and incoming freshman Jordan Lomax is very happy about it. With Maryland players already on campus and more set to join this summer, Lomax likes the support system that will be in place once he arrives in early June. He talks about how his spring has gone and what he hopes to learn this summer about Iowa Football.

Q: What has spring been like for you? Did you participate in any other sports?

LOMAX: Yes, I participated in track, both the indoor and outdoor season.

Q: What races did you do and what times did you post?

LOMAX: I mainly did the 400 and the 400 relay. I also did the 300. I ran the 300 in like 35.4. In the 400 relay I was running 48.9 and 49.

Q: Is the track season done at this point?

LOMAX: Yeah, we wrapped it up last week, so now I have been back in the gym getting ready for football. I've been doing the football workouts that Iowa sent me.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish once you get to Iowa City this summer?

LOMAX: I hope to put on more muscle and get bigger, stronger, and faster. I want to get quicker in the agility drills and all the lifting that they will have me doing.

Q: Does it help you coming in from a bit of a distance to have a guy like Marcus Coker already on campus and having Cooper and Law coming in with you from your home area?

LOMAX: It is really nice to have a lot of guys from Maryland around to help with the adjustment. Marcus has been through it and the rest of us will be able to lean on each other, so it will help a lot.

Q: You have gotten to know some of the other guys coming in with you through social media. Will that help too?

LOMAX: Yeah, that has been great. I've gotten to know the guys that I will be playing with and possibly rooming with for the next four or five years. I'm going to be surrounded by a great group of guys who are fun to talk to and share my passion for football. They are good football players, but they are also good people too.

Q: What is your goal in your first year? Make an impact early?

LOMAX: I would like to get in on special teams this year if I can. Then I hope that I can work into either the nickel or dime packages as the season goes along.

Q: You and Nico Law are close friends. Does it help you from a learning the Iowa system standpoint that both of you will be going through this learning process together?

LOMAX: It definitely does. We like to play together and we will be learning together. We played in an all star game together in the secondary and we did pretty well.

Q: Are you ready to get Twitter shut down once camp starts in August?

LOMAX: (laugh) Yeah, I am ready. I guess I will be shutting it down later this summer.

Q: Did the Iowa coaches tell you what number you will be getting?

LOMAX: Right now I will be #27.

Q: You happy with that number?

LOMAX: Yeah I am happy with it. 2727 is my grandparents address.

Q: There are some experienced corners in Iowa City that you will be learning from. Have you gotten to know those guys yet? How much will you lean them this summer?

LOMAX: I am definitely going to lean on them. I spoke with Micah Hyde and Prater when I went on my official visit to Iowa. They both were really cool and said they would help me learn the defense and help prepare me to be the best that I can be. This summer I will be rooming with Shaun Prater, so I'll be talking to him all the time.

Q: When do you plan on getting to Iowa City this summer?

LOMAX: I am supposed to be there on June 10th.

Q: Are you getting anxious to make the move?

LOMAX: Yeah, this will be my last week of school before finals. I want to finish up strong here and then get packed up and start working hard at Iowa.

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