September 6, 2010

Series by Series: UW's offense against UNLV

Offensively, the only thing slowing the Badgers down during Saturday's season opening 41-21 win over UNLV was itself. A costly Scott Tolzien pick six and Nick Toon fumble directly resulted in 14 of UNLV's 21 points.

Other than those two miscues, things went rather well for a late Saturday night in the desert.

Now, with UW prepping for its home opener, takes a look back at every offensive possession. The following is a series-by-series recap of Saturday's offensive drives.


Drive No. 1: Started on UW 20 yard line following opening kickoff touchback.
Plays: 14
Yards: 80
Result: Five-yard John Clay touchdown rush. (7-0 Wisconsin)

Key play: Tolzien connected with tight end Lance Kendricks for a nifty five-yard pitch and catch on third and five. The catch extended the drive that eventually ended with a touchdown.

Drive No. 2: Started on UNLV 46 yard line following 37-yard Brendon Lamers punt.
Plays: 3
Yards: 46
Result: One-yard Montee Ball touchdown rush. (14-0 UW)

Key play: After the defense held the Rebels to a quick three and out, Tolzien didn't waste any time helping the Badgers move the ball. On the first play of the possession, Tolzien bombed one to David Gilreath who reeled in the catch for a 45-yard reception.

Drive No. 3: Started on UW 15 yard line following 38-yard Lamers punt.
Plays: 1
Yards: 0
Result: 19-yard Will Chandler interception return for a touchdown. (14-7 UW)

Key play: Tolzien tried squeezing a quick out to Nick Toon. Instead Chandler jumped the route, made the interception and walked into the end zone for the easy score.

Drive No. 4: Started on UW 20 yard line following kickoff.
Plays: 14
Yards: 77 yards
Result: 20-yard Philip Welch field goal. (17-7 Wisconsin)

Key play: After James White ripped off a 18-yard run on his first collegiate carry, the UW offense stalled inside the 10 yard line. White was stuffed for two yards, Tolzien only mustered one yard on a bootleg and Clay was held for no gain forcing UW to settle for the field goal.


Drive No. 5: Started on UW 38 yard line following 36-yard Lamers punt.
Plays: 3
Yards: 9
Result: 53-yard Brad Nortman punt.

Key play: Gilreath caught Tolzien's pass on third and 10 one yard shy of the marker. The Badgers were subsequently forced to punt.

Drive No. 6: Started on 50 yard line following 29-yard Lamers punt.
Plays: 7
Yards: 48
Result: Toon fumble.

Key play: Looking like he had a chance to score, Toon fumbled the ball at the UNLV two yard line. Chandler picked up the loose ball and sprinted 82 yards to set up the Rebels second score of the day.

Drive No. 6: Started on UW 31 yard line following kickoff. (17-14 UW)
Plays: 2
Yards: 9
Result: End of half.

Key play: N/A


Drive No. 7: Started on UW 46 yard line following 31-yard Lamers punt. (24-14 UW after Aaron Henry fumble recovery for a touchdown)
Plays: 7
Yards: 38
Result: 33-yard Welch field goal. (27-14 UW)

Key play: It became evident the Badgers offensive line was wearing down the UNLV defense as Clay had a rush of 17 yards and 13 yards on this drive.

Drive No. 8: Started on UW 42 yard line following 39-yard Lamers punt.
Plays: 4
Yards: 58
Result: 16-yard Clay touchdown rush. (34-14 UW)

Key play: John Moffitt sealed the UNLV defensive tackle and opened a monumental hole for Clay to burst through. As a result, the junior tailback coasted to his second score of the day.

Drive No. 9: Started on UW 22 yard line following 36-yard Lamers punt.
Plays: 6
Yards: 78
Result: 16-yard Ball touchdown rush. (41-14 UW)

Key play: On third and one, Clay broke outside following a devastating Kendricks block for 19 yards. On the next play, Ball broke off left tackle for an easy 16-yard run and score.


Drive No. 10: Started on UW 26 yard line following Irshad Stolden touchdown reception. (41-21 UW)
Plays: 5
Yards: 14
Result: 36-yard Nortman punt.

Key play: Nortman had pinned the Rebels at their own 11 yard line on his initial punt, but a procedural penalty nullified it. On the next punt, the junior pinned UNLV on their own 24 yard line.

Drive No. 11: Started on UW 30 yard line following missed field goal.
Plays: 3
Yards: 3
Result: 27-yard Nortman punt.

Key play: N/A

Drive No. 12: Started on UW 25 yard line following 29-yard Lamers punt.
Plays: 3
Yards: 9
Result: 40-yard Nortman punt.

Key play: N/A

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