August 10, 2010

Hardy learning from the best

In his first year at Iowa, Mike Hardy will be learning from what many experts believe to be the best defensive line in the country. While he would love to be a major contributor in his freshman year, the Wisconsin native knows that probably isn't in the cards. Hardy talks about learning from the veteran defensive lineman, the talk that he might move to offense, plus much more.

Q: How was that first college practice?

HARDY: It was fun just to get the pads back on and practice. We just had shells on today, but it was fun just to get back out on the field.

Q: Different feeling being out there for a college practice I would imagine.

HARDY: There is a huge different. The main thing I noticed was just the tempo. When the whistle blows, you are running to the next drill and doing what the coaches tell you to do. With the experienced players around here, they just perform at a fast level.

Q: You are starting out at defensive line in camp. Lots of talk that you might eventually move to offensive line too.

HARDY: Yeah, nothing new really. I started out with the defensive line this summer and I am with them so far.

Q: You have pretty good crew of defensive lineman to learn from don't you.

HARDY: (laugh) Yeah, they are pretty good. Real good. When we are doing our drills Coach K calls all the freshmen aside and says watch how they do it. We watched and learn from them. Who is better to learn from than four of the best defensive linemen in the country? Aside from being such great players, they are good people. I am rooming with Broderick Binns and he is as nice as could be. I feel like I can ask him about anything.

Q: As much as you would like to play a lot this year, it is probably nice in some way that you can ease your way into playing in college.

HARDY: Yeah, especially with the four guys in front of me. Would everyone like to play in their first year? Yeah, who wouldn't. But, realistically I am probably not going to. It would be nice to get used to practice and all the lifting in the first year, redshirt, and get an extra year out of it.

Q: You looking forward to the Wisconsin game?

HARDY: Yeah. (laugh) Definitely. It will be nice to see what we can do against my home state school.

Q: You hearing from some of the folks back home about playing the Badgers?

HARDY: Not really.

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