May 26, 2010

Hardy excited to get started

As he wraps up high school and gets ready for state track, Mike Hardy also has an eye on the future, which will take him to Iowa City this summer as he prepares to play for the Hawkeyes. The 6-foot-5, 270-pound Hardy is making the move right away in June so he can lift with the team and get ready for his freshman year. The Wisconsin native talks about the upcoming year, what position he might play, and much more.

Q: How soon do you graduate?

HARDY: I graduate in nine days.

Q: What's it been like as you wrap up the last couple of weeks?

HARDY: It's been fun. I'm doing track and tomorrow we have our regional meet. Our conference meet was last week and I took first in both shot and disc, so hopefully I can do the same at regionals and move on to sectionals and then state.

Q: Are you the defending state champion?

HARDY: Yeah, in disc.

Q: What is your best on the year so far?

HARDY: For shot, it's 58'9" and for disc, it's 170'.

Q: Are you mixing track workouts in with the Iowa workout program this spring?

HARDY: Yeah. My throwing coach is also my strength coach and he's been talking with Coach Doyle and kind of made my own workout. It's pretty much all of the same stuff that I would do on the workout they gave me, but aimed more towards track specific things right now. My coach e-mails Coach Doyle quite a bit and they exchange information, so it's really nice.

Q: When do you make the move out to Iowa?

HARDY: I'm going down there on June 13.

Q: Are you staying there most of the summer?

HARDY: Yeah. We have a week off for July 4, but I'll be there the rest of the time.

Q: What made you want to get there early?

HARDY: Just so I can start lifting and kind of get used to everything. We have to get our physicals done right away anyway, so I might as well get down there. I'll be able to take a week off after track, but then I just want to get down there and start lifting.

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