May 1, 2010

Derrick Coleman finished strong

For second spring in row the competition at running back was intense and fierce. All three running back that received most of the reps, Derrick Coleman, Johnathan Franklin and Milton Knox had their days, but it was Coleman who stood up front and center during last week's scrimmage. Coleman talks about the scrimmage and spring ball in general.

"The defense played well and the offense struggled," Coleman said. "Then the offense came back out and responded towards the end. We as an offense, still have a lot to work on, but I think now we know what we need to get done and what our weaknesses are.

Coleman illuminates what the problems are.

"Our protections have to be a lot stronger," Coleman said. "As running backs we have to hit the hole a lot harder and the quarterbacks have to see the receivers and they have to get open.

"It is pretty basic stuff," Coleman said. "We just have to go out there and execute it."

Coleman was one of the scrimmages' bright spots rushing for 64 yards on six carries and touchdown while averaging 10.7 yards per carry. His long run for the night 24 yards.

"It took me awhile to show up," Coleman said about his scrimmage performance. "After I saw the defense and saw what they did then I just executed what I could.

"Coach Neuheisel always says it takes four quarters to win a football game," Coleman said. "If we don't show up at the beginning of the game, we have make sure we bring it back.

Coleman started out fast during spring ball and then in the middle he went through a lull then he finished strong. He explains his fast finish.

"The competition arisen," Coleman said. "The first part of spring we were kind going through the playbook and then the competition arrived and that brings the best out of people. So when I was given my opportunity I took care of it."

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