March 4, 2010

Farris feels home at Ohio State

Elyria (Ohio) defensive end Chase Farris made the unusual Thursday trip down to Ohio State to check things out with the Buckeyes. The 6-foot-6, 265-pounder has seen his interest spike over the last several weeks and now sits with a dozen offers with the possibility of more to come.

Farris was shown around the campus mostly by assistant recruiting coordinator Greg Gillum and the Ohio star came away very impressed with everything that he saw.

"It went very well," Farris said. "They showed me around the school of business and a full tour of the Woody Hayes (facility)."

There is always room for a couple of surprises and just as the Buckeyes would like to plan on Farris being in their future plans the staff told Farris about the future plans that they have for where he could be calling home for the next several years.

"I didn't know they had a basketball court at the Woody and a racquetball room," Farris joked. "They also told me about the plans about putting a brick wall around the outside of the Woody Hayes and putting in two new turf fields out there and two 80-yard grass fields and putting lights around them."

Usually the halls around Woody Hayes are crowded with players and staff on most afternoons but it was not nearly as busy as it could have been while Farris was there.

"It was kind of quiet because the players' workout isn't until tonight," Farris said. "But I did run into a few players while we were out and I got to talk to a little Cameron Heyward."

Farris holds offers from Notre Dame, Michigan State, Illinois, Louisville, West Virginia and several others in addition to his Ohio State offer. Farris admits that while each offer is an honor to receive that some of the novelty has worn off as he emerges more as a national recruit.

"At first when you get that first offer it is exciting," Farris said. "But now it is more regular and it isn't quite as special. I just have to go out there and do my job and I am reaping the rewards for it now."

But will the increased interest from other schools do anything to slow down Farris' decision process? Farris had talked about potentially committing to a school around the end of February of start of March.

"It won't slow down my process," Farris said. "(Ohio State) makes me feel like I am family. So I just have to go check out a few more places probably but I don't know about that yet and need to talk to my coach."

Farris stated in a previous interview that playing for Ohio State is a dream for a majority of players raised in Ohio. It seems that Farris could be coming close to realizing that dream. While Chase has not visited many other schools and had a chance to stack everything up there is something that really stands out about Ohio State.

"They make me feel when I come down here that this could be my second home," Farris said.

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