December 24, 2009

Muldoon doing well in ACL rehab

MADISON - During fall camp, it seemed as though freshman defensive tackle prospect Pat Muldoon would be one of the young Badger players to get some game reps in 2009. However, that was not the case as injuries, including a torn ACL and MCL, derailed his progress during his first season on campus.

Following a recent practice, had the chance to catch up with the Ohio native. The following is a question and answer with Muldoon in regards to his knee rehab.

Before the injury, how did the season go for you and how is it going now?

Muldoon: Before the season I had a chance to get some playing time and I hurt my shoulder. I sat down with coach Charlie Partridge and we talked and he said it was probably my best interest to redshirt. So I did that. Then the Purdue week I ended up actually tearing my ACL.

Since then, I had my surgery about a month and a week ago. So I've been rehabbing and working to get back for next year so hopefully I get the chance to play again.

When it first happened, what were your thoughts. Obviously it was probably a difficult situation.

Muldoon: When it first happened I heard a pop and it hurt a lot. The pain went away after about two minutes so I thought I was okay. Then they started playing with my knee and realized the MCL and ACL were torn. So they told me I needed surgery and so I started thinking about the long run and just working every day to get better so I can get back next year.

What's the kind of timetable? Is there a chance you could be back by fall camp?

Muldoon: Fall camp definitely, but no chance for spring ball right now. I am actually ahead of schedule right now but they said they won't clear anybody for at least six months after surgery. That would go past that. They said once summer hits I could be doing everything full with the lifting, running and everything.

I know it's pretty early now, but is gaining the trust back in it going to be a tough thing?

Muldoon: I'm not sure yet until I get out there. I'll just have to see how that goes when it happens.

Obviously you're focused on rehabbing, but are you focusing also on upper body strength or anything?

Muldoon: Yeah, I lift probably about five days a week every week with coach Ben Herbert, actually during practice. It's been good. I've been putting on weight and lean muscle so that's a little bit of an advantage in the bad situation I'm in.

Where are you currently at right now?

Muldoon: I'm about 245 and I'm still getting a little bigger. I did lose probably about 10 pounds from my legs so I think optimally I could be about 255.

Is that where you want to be?

Muldoon: 255 or 260 next year I think I would be happy with.

Do they have you projected at defensive tackle?

Muldoon: Defensive end.

Is that fine with you?

Muldoon: Yeah. I adjusted quickly to the college defensive end so I think I could do that next year, too.

How were things going before the injury. Obviously you got nicked up during fall camp, but were things kind of going good?

Muldoon: Yeah it was going good. For about the last week and a half of fall camp I was second string and I was told that I'd probably get about 10 or 15 snaps. Then my shoulder popped out probably about eight or nine times so I ended up decided it was my best idea to redshirt so I could make sure something wouldn't be a nagging injury along the way.

So how did you hurt your knee? Did you kind of get undercut?

Muldoon: I got cut. I got cut in practice.

Was is just kind of a freak thing or just kind of something that happens?

Muldoon: It was a fullback coming out of the backfield and I tried to back away. My left leg came out but my right leg, the cleat, went into the ground and I just got rolled up on.

So do you talk to anybody that's gone through it? Do you talk to Aaron Henry or anybody?

Muldoon: Yeah, I talked to Aaron. Mike Taylor is going through the same thing, so we're always working out together and rehabbing together. So that's a nice thing to at least have somebody along to ride. Then I just started talking to lots of people back home who have gone through the same things. There's just been a lot of support and a lot of people that have gone through it.

Is that something you need to do. I mean, it's a severe injury and takes a long time. Do you need to reach out to people?

Muldoon: Definitely because in the beginning it's more of a mentally draining thing knowing you have that six months. But people just say keep working hard and keep your head up and you'll be fine. So that's what I've done.

Are the doctors saying you'll get back to normal once it's all over?

Muldoon: Yeah, he said to re-injure it is like six percent. So those are pretty good odds that I'll be alright. He said there have actually been a few cases that guys have come back even better with it. So I'm hoping for that.

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