December 18, 2009

Cromartie focused on improvement

MADISON - Marcus Cromartie seemed to have an opportunity to get into the fold at cornerback entering fall camp before the start of the 2009 season. While that did not necessarily come to fruition, the sophomore corner did not let it slow his development down.

At the conclusion of a recent practice, caught up with the cornerback. The following is a question and answer with Cromartie.

How would you say the season went for you? You probably didn't get to play as much as you would have like.

Cromartie: It was tough, but I just try. As long as we're winning I just try to do the role the coaches give me. This could be a big game for us as a team and I just look forward to next year.

Out of fall camp were you expecting to be in the rotation?

Cromartie: I did initially but that's part of football. You have ups and downs and I'm just looking forward to spring ball.

Are you disappointed?

Cromartie: More less disappointed in myself for not competing like I wanted to. The opportunities are still there and I'm looking forward to getting better.

What was the biggest thing that kept you out of the rotation according to the coaches?

Cromartie: Just more or less me just getting better form-wise and being more physical, etc. I'm just looking forward to keep on getting better and looking forward to spring ball.

Do you feel like you're getting there?

Cromartie: Yeah, I feel like I am. But I'm going to take a big step forward in winter conditioning and hope for the best.

Is this (bowl prep) kind of the start to next season for the younger guys?

Cromartie: It is, it is. We're going to play Miami and that will send us in a really good direction for next season. We're looking to beat a team like Miami where we can pretty much tell the rest of the college football nation that we can play.

You were talking a little bit ago about being more physical. How do you go about doing that? Is that just a mindset or is it something you have to develop?

Cromartie: It's both, being mentally physical and weight room physical. You know, just putting your mind that you're going to compete every play and being more consistent.

Are you welcome to being a physical guy?

Cromartie: I am, I am. I'm working toward any role they're able to give me and just keep on getting better.

From your point of view, how would you say the corners did perform this year?

Cromartie: I think we did well. We had our ups and downs of course, but when we had our backs against the wall, we came out and performed well.

Obviously in bowl prep, it's got to be exciting for you to get some Wisconsin vs. Wisconsin stuff instead of being scout team all the time.

Cromartie: Yeah, that's the positive right there so we can get the speed of the game or what not. What separates this bowl game from last year is that we had the Hawaii game, which kind of pushed our schedule up two weeks. Even though we weren't able to get as much team on team, we got enough to keep us in a flow and keep our bodies moving well getting ready for Miami.

Do you get the sense that that's kind of a good thing?

Cromartie: I think it is. I kind of felt like last year that we kind of wore our body down with so many practices. This one, we kind of just flowed right into our bowl prep and it just feels better.

Just moving forward, you mentioned winter conditioning and trying to work on your game. What are you expecting moving forward into spring ball?

Cromartie: Well, I think as of this winter I'm going to have a full year with Herb (Ben Herbert). I'm just looking forward to seeing what kind of new challenges he brings and looking forward to myself getting better.

Is that just what you want to do? Get stronger?

Cromartie: I just want to get better.

Have you added weight at all during the season?

Cromartie: I know when we had the flu thing 10 weeks ago I kind of lost about six pounds and I never really gained it back. I'm still at a solid 183 or 184.

Is that where you want to be?

Cromartie: Yeah, I wouldn't mind, 185-190 is not a big deal for me. As long as I can move.

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