December 5, 2009

CMU's Dan LeFevour receives fitting end to MAC career

Central Michigan quarterback Dan LeFevour enjoyed a long and successful career in the Mid-American Conference, and it came to a fitting end as LeFevour would break numerous collegiate records and receive game MVP honors after his team's 20-10 victory over the Ohio Bobcats in the 2009 MAC Championship. CMU has now won the MAC three of the last four years and this victory was heightened by the Chippewas absence in last season's championship game.

"Going through what we went through last season, falling just short, playing a great Ball State team, we'll appreciate the win. Not to say any more than the first two, but we really appreciate this on" said LeFevour.

During the game LeFevour would set the FBS record for most career touchdowns and break former Marshall quarterback Chad Pennington's record for most career touchdown passes in the MAC. Despite the numerous awards and accolades, LeFevour still places them behind any team success.

"Those are secondary, this is what it's all about, football is the greatest team game out there and I don't get those individual records without the rest of the team. If I could, I would give that award to my offensive line, because I've played with some good ones."

LeFevour would throw for 255 yards and two touchdowns and one interception on 28-39 passing. He would also add 51 yards rushing on 17 carries. Throughout the game, Ohio would present frequent challenges and proved to be a very tough obstacle for the Chippewas to overcome on their way to victory.

"You know I'll be the first t o say I made a few mistakes, but hey, hats off to them, they made this game tough and this was probably our toughest game in the MAC this season. We knew they weren't going to give up and they were going to keep coming at us, so hats off to the way they played defense, they have some great players and they made some plays" added LeFevour.

With CMU's latest victory, the MAC let out a collective sigh as senior quarterback Dan LeFevour has officially played his last game in the conference. After the game LeFevour expressed his feelings now that his collegiate career is down to just one final bowl game.

"Well," said LeFevour as he paused for the right words. "It's not over, I'm sure I'll rehash it when I get some time, but right now I'm so wrapped up in this one, and it's a great way to go out being my senior year and I've watched two senior classes go out winning the MAC Championship. I would hate for us to start out well and just not finish as a class, so even though we're small, we're powerful and we bring a lot to the table and it means everything to means to me and the rest of the guys in the class."

Regardless of what happens in the bowl game, it's clear that the senior quarterback from Downers Grove, Illinois will leave his lasting image on the football program and Central Michigan University.

"We always talk to our players about leaving their legacy. And I think Dan LeFevour when its all said and done after the bowl game, will definitely leave his legacy here" said CMU head coach Butch Jones.

With his career dwindling down to the final weeks, LeFevour reassured CMU fans that his absence does not create an irreplaceable void in the program.

"You can see that we're building a program here, we're not just building it for one year, we're building it to last. You know I'll be proud to be a Chippewa the rest of my life."

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