December 1, 2009

Schofield looking to finish with great performances

MADISON - With the days winding down in his college football career, Wisconsin senior defensive end O'Brien Schofield remains focused on finishing the season strong. And even as a unanimous First-Team All-Big Ten selection, there is still plenty to accomplish before the final snap is played.

Following a recent practice, caught up with the exceptional senior defensive lineman. The following is a question and answer with Schofield.

First of all, have you been practicing your Hula dancing?

Schofield: (Laughing) Oh, not yet. I just got a chance to see it for the first time today (Saturday) so I'll be able to get some work on that.

I just wanted to say congratulations on the all-conference selection. What does that mean to you when you heard the news?

Schofield: It meant a lot because it shows the coaches and the pick of the media saw me as a first-team player. All the hard work I did, that really was a privileging award for me.

Is that kind of what you envisioned during the summer workouts and fall camp when you saw the work effort you were putting in?

Schofield: Yeah, I never really looked at it like that. I just wanted to be a good player. I wanted to be the best player I could be for this team. I was wanting to be a force and I felt like I did that. The accolades were great, but the impact I have on my team means that much more.

Obviously it was a really tough loss last week to Northwestern. How has the team responded to that and was it kind of nice to have a little bit time away this past week?

Schofield: It is. You know, with a loss like that it gives you a chance to go back and make some corrections like things you could possibly overlook when you win. For us to just start paying more attention to the details. We were trying to inch our way back, but we couldn't pull it out. It's how we started. We've got to start fast. We can't play a bad half of football.

Going back to the all-conference thing, I think there were 12 players that were mentioned to some form of all-conference teams. What does that say about this team, especially how young it is?

Schofield: It shows that this team has a lot of potential. A lot of guys are headed in the right direction with the weight room program that Ben Herbert has set in place for us and just the whole atmosphere has changed. Our biggest goal this year was re-establishing Wisconsin football. I think we've done that so far.

You're kind of winding down your career here at Wisconsin. You have two games left, but what are you hoping to do? Are you just trying to take it in and soak it in these last two games?

Schofield: Yeah, I really don't like thinking about it because it's sad. Everything comes to an end. I just want to have my two greatest games playing with the university. I really like playing with this group of guys and I want to make it last as long as I can.

Have you started scouting Hawaii at all?

Schofield: Yeah, actually this is week two of it. I started watching them the day after the loss to Northwestern because you've got to move on. You can't let a team like that beat you twice. The biggest thing is that we've got another opportunity to play good football and make some things happen.

What do they do differently. They are usually a pretty traditional spread team that does some different things out there.

Schofield: They have a really good quarterback. He can run and throw the ball pretty well. The offensive line is pretty good in their protection. They do a couple of different things. They don't run that much, but their running back is not a sleeper. He's a big kid and he can run. I've seen him and he's got some jets. That's just us taking advantage of what we can and anything we see we can work on.

Originally the game was scheduled to be played today (Last Saturday), but then it was moved back a week. Do you think that was a good move?

Schofield: That sounds great. You get a chance to go home and be with your family. I hadn't been home since basically July, so it's always good to go home to your hometown and see your friends and stuff like that.

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