November 30, 2009

Favors and Sooner Commits Bond

The selection of an official visitor's on-campus host is one of the most important that a host school can make. In the case of Fort Worth Dunbar linebacker Rashod Favors the Sooners were either indecisive or simply wanted to make sure they got things just right for the long-time Sooner commitment.

That's because the 6-foot-1, 215-pound prospect had a pair of hosts during his visit to Oklahoma State this weekend.

"Man everything was great, I was hosted by Joseph Ibiloye and Tom Wort," Favors explained. "The first day I was with Tom. Tom is real laid back; he stayed in the Bud (Wilkinson Center) so I checked out his room. He was just saying what we do, and talking about working out and the things I need to do to get ready.

"The next night I was kicking it with Joe and he showed me around, it was really good to hang out with both guys. You just notice the brotherhood those guys have."

Favors has been to numerous home games this year but admits that even as a guy who grew up near the home of the Red River Rivalry he couldn't help but notice the special tone that Bedlam took on.

"Man it was great, I knew we were going to give them the blues, everyone has to realize we play great at home. I knew it would be hard for them to come to Norman and get a win," he said.

He was also quick to heap praise on the group that put on a Bedlam performance for the ages.

"Oh it was all about defense, defense wins championships. If you can't stop someone from scoring you aren't going anywhere. They didn't give up any points, Oklahoma State had like 100-yards for the whole game," he said.

Favors arrived in Norman with the knowledge of several players but without his usual right-hand man Darius White he was forced to spend a lot more time around his fellow commitments.

It appears that worked out quite well for the entire group.

"I hung out with just about everybody, Chuka Ndulue, Aaron Colvin, Jarrett Lake, and Blake Bell. I hung out with a lot of the cats, we were laughing as soon as we got there. We didn't know too much about each other but we got together and started talking and were talking about the school and the facilities and everyone just hit it off," he said. "I think we all got there and thought the same thing, 'no point in being strangers!"

The one player that it's clear Favors took an immediate shine to was fellow Linebacker commitment, as well as another Sooner commitment who had his senior year taken from him, Lake.

"Jarrett and I, we already talked about rooming together and what numbers we are going to get, we hit it of real well," he said.

During his visit he spent a lot of time around Wort and Ibiloye but prior to the game he was able to sit in with Brent Venables for the team's pre-game meetings and his thoughts on his future position coach were similar to what he was told after the game by Venables' current pupils.

"It's just the passion and the fire in his eyes, he wants to the players to get after it," he said. "I talked to the guys and they said coach V is real down to earth. He is going to be real blunt, he is going to tell you what he expects. They said just no matter what don't ever quit and not let them break you down, keep your head up."

At many schools the players talk about the camaraderie and while that certainly was something Favors noticed he says he can appreciate the no-nonsense style that takes hold of Oklahoma's entire program.

"Everybody has their struggles you are going through them sooner or later so you might as well get it early," he said. "I mean getting up at 5 a.m., having major workouts and going to class, that's a lot to handle but it's all about making you a better player and person.

"At a real job driving 20 miles to your job and standing up for eight hours and coming back home, it's life you've got to work hard sometimes."

During his talk with Bob Stoops Favors said that it was made clear the players aren't the only ones with expectations.

"He was big on letting me know what I could expect from him and the rest of the coaches, he seemed accountable."

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