October 6, 2009

Wesleyan 2011 OL hitting the road

Wesleyan offensive lineman David Andrews has been making the rounds on the local recruiting circuit. The six-foot-two-and-a-half 265-pound 2011 offensive lineman prospect is getting a lot of interest from ACC schools, but he is holding out for the big SEC offer from either Georgia or Alabama.

Andrews recently attended Georgia Tech's game with North Carolina and was impressed with the team and the environment at Bobby Dodd Stadium.

"Georgia Tech was pretty cool. We went to Tech for the UNC game. It was a lot different than Alabama or Georgia," Andrews said. "We did not do all the fan stuff there. I am not sure what is going on with Tech. I have been in touch with their offensive line coach and I am trying to see what is going on there."

The biggest thing Andrews noticed between his Tech visit and his earlier trips to Alabama and Georgia was the difference in recruiting styles.

"At Georgia and Alabama we were able to sit down and have some time to relax, but at Tech it was bam, going and going probably because it was an early game," Andrews said. "Georgia and Alabama gave me a hostess girl who you are able to talk to and ask her questions about the school, but with Tech you are with the group the whole time. That was different, it seemed like Georgia and Alabama had it more together at times. I did enjoy Tech and it was cool to go down there for a game and to see all the stuff."

While Alabama, Georgia and Georgia Tech do not appear to be close to offering Andrews, Duke University is getting close and Andrews has a trip to Durham planned.

"I have been talking to coach Matt Luke lately and I was planning on going up there this weekend for a visit, but it turns out I can't go up there," Andrews said. "I called him and he was telling me that they hope I can get up there and get my mid-season tape and we will talk about maybe getting an offer. I plan on going up there for the Maryland game."

Andrews' expects an offer from the Blue Devils when he goes up there in two weeks.

"I think Duke will be the first school to offer me," Andrews said. "I want to pick a school and be done with it, but I don't want to jump on the first thing that comes in, not knowing if I am sure or not. I think it will take a big school coming in for me to commit quickly."

Several other schools are starting to send Andrews mail including Auburn.

"Auburn sent me a bunch of stuff the other, so they are coming into the picture now."

Over the summer during Georgia's camp, Andrews got some advice from the Bulldogs offensive line coach that he has been using to try and improve his game.

"The biggest thing we have been working on is my punch and explosion off the ball," Andrews said. "I went through the Dawg Nite camp in Athens, Stacy Searels said that I have the frame to play, but I need more punch. I have been working on that a lot with my coach, coming off the ball with that punch. That keeps the defender from getting into you. I have been working on improving my speed and my forty time to get a little quicker."

Overall, Andrews is pleased with how his season is going and where the Wolves stand at 6-0 this season in Class A.

"My season is going well, but I have to play both ways, so that is a little more difficult. We started really explosive and our team is clicking offensively. Our defense, still has not given up a touchdown yet. I am really enjoying the season and the recruiting process. It will be interesting to see how it turns out."

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