February 7, 2013

Terry stays optimistic

Tramel Terry from Anthony Dasher on Vimeo.

Tramel Terry had an inkling something bad was going to happen long before he took the field for the Shrine Bowl of the Americas game last December.

His premonition proved to be correct.

"I already knew something was going to happen. The Tuesday before the game we all went to the Shrine hospital and out of everybody there they chose me to do a fake operation on a knee," Terry said. "Then right before the game, I told my roommate that I had a feeling that something bad was going to happen."

It did.

Terry tore his ACL on the game's opening kickoff, an injury that's put his freshman season with the Bulldogs in doubt.

But Terry is taking the optimistic approach.

"The way I feel, I almost don't feel like I'm hurt," he said. "Sometimes I feel like I can run, although I'm trying to take my time. But if I keep working the way I am, I think I'll be ready for May or June."

Time will tell.

Typically, ACL injuries typically take between nine and 12 months to rehab, meaning Terry would be just under nine months removed from the injury occurring when the Bulldogs open their season at Clemson.

"We're going to take our time, but the way I'm working and progressing now, I feel I'm going to be ready," Terry said. "I hope that I am."

When he is, Terry said wide receiver will be his home, although the Bulldogs could certainly use the Goose Creek, S.C. native in a variety of roles, including running back and on special teams.

"Malcolm Mitchell and Michael Bennett, they going to get me ready and I hope I'm going to be physically ready," Terry said. "I'm just keeping my eye on the goal."

Terry would love to be ready when the Bulldogs play Clemson, a school the 5-foot-11, 193-pounder almost decided to attend.

It was close.

"It was the simple fact that I'd have to be crazy not to look at Clemson. They're losing (Andre) Ellington, and I fit perfectly in their offense. That's why I as kind of looking at them," he said. "Then my relationship that I've got with Coach (Tony) Elliot is like a father/son type of bond. We talked and he's happy I'm going to Georgia, like, he is just happy for me. I wanted a type of guy like that around me, and that's why it was hard for me. But I had to do what is best for me."

Terry has not regretted the decision.

"I was real close to Clemson but it came down to me following my heart and not just go to a school friends and coaches," he said. "I love Georgia. That's why I'm here."